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  1. Iraola’s Rayo salary is supposedly £1.5m. Marsch was supposedly on £3.5m. Marsch spent £140m this year. Rayo spent £10m on players. there’s no comparison. plus he might just want a change of culture/new experience? Do well in the PL and he could move on to bigger clubs in any league.
  2. 50+1 refers to voting rights as opposed to actual company ownership. The clubs are still run by professionals as opposed to fans, who have zero say in daily business. It’s an illusion- good to an extent but also flawed in parts too.
  3. Yet another one: https://sportsfinding.com/another-manchester-city-sponsor-under-suspicion/130906/
  4. Another different company: https://www.footballinsider247.com/man-city-could-now-quietly-dispose-of-sponsor-deal-kieran-maguire/?amp
  5. https://www.si.com/soccer/manchestercity/.amp/news/manchester-city-set-to-cut-all-ties-with-mysterious-cryptocurrency-start-up-company
  6. Can see a points deduction, same as Juve (15 points) had for their financial irregularities.
  7. Capello got his Juve 2005 and 2006 titles revoked when they got stripped of them.
  8. Depends if he believes trophies will be deducted, I guess? His managerial title list will be a lot smaller and he might want to rectify that elsewhere whilst the Man City mess plays out. It’d be daft to stay and compete for more trophies if there’s a chance they’ll get taken off as well in the future.
  9. Juve got titles stripped off them too!
  10. Manxst

    Elliot Anderson

    Ah. Gotcha. he’s still young, as I said…but unless he steps up and progresses quickly in the next year or two, he won’t be lasting long with us, imo.
  11. Manxst

    Elliot Anderson

    20 an ‘actual child’ these days? He’s still young, granted, but come on.
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