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  1. Xavi? https://tbrfootball.com/six-trophies-in-two-years-journalist-links-newcastle-with-perfectly-qualified-spanish-boss/
  2. He was a youth player for them with Giggs, Beckham etc wasn’t he?
  3. That roll of wallpaper being hastily stuck over the Grand Canyon sized cracks can’t have much left. Happy that Ole will still have his job come tomorrow.
  4. https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/steve-bruce-hull-newcastle-return-21921644 fair play to Hull- getting in there before Manchester.
  5. Is it surprising he had not many media buddies, when he told them that he hoped they all got “a slap”?
  6. It’s not like Bruce was even playing our best defenders. Or coaching them. We’ve been playing wingers/midfielders at both full back positions for ages.
  7. From twitter: ”Since his arrival at Ajax, 42 players from the Ajax youth system made their debut in the first team while earning over €600M in outgoing transfers.”
  8. Lots of twitter talk about Overmars now. If he’s being considered, I’d really hope Ten Hag is too.
  9. Long may Ole last…or at least give him until the summer before getting Brucie in (Bruce will need a break to relax and recuperate after all those constant early morning training sessions). Club legend and turned the place around.
  10. Is Fati likely to sign a new contract? His is up this coming summer, no?
  11. Wouldn’t be unhappy if he came with Ten Hag.
  12. Ian Cathro. He’s at Spurs.
  13. Nah, as with all walks of life, some people fit some spaces just fine, and don’t want to move positions or ‘rise through the ranks’. A decent coach doesn’t always make a good manager either. edit- for example that English guy who was a coach in Germany then came to the UK to manage and was poor- can’t remember his name.
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