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  1. Gameweek 9 Arsenal 2 v 2 Spurs Bournemouth 1 v 1 Brentford Palace 2 v 1 Chelsea Fulham 2 v 1 Newcastle Liverpool 2 v 0 Brighton Southampton 0 v 0 Everton West Ham 2 v 1 Wolves Man City 2 v 0 Man United Leeds 1 v 0 Villa Leicester 3 v 2 Notts Forest
  2. People who suggest that Botman have better performances than Burn: do you not believe in Howe assesment on both players? Because I'm sure none here are better at judging our player than the top man himself. Me myself INCLUDED. So Howe prefer Burn over Botman, than I believe its the best for the team right now, whatever the reason is.
  3. Of course he isnt happy. He sholudnt be happy. That what professional player do. Proof himself on the training field and maybe he can start again
  4. Thats the keyword, his performance has been excellent. And Botman's performance isnt. At least compared to Burn. I dont deny that Botman maybe a better player than Burn. But right now Burn > Botman
  5. I believe in what Howe sees. He sees that Burn is above Botman based on performances, right now. Botman is still young, he could learn and better himself. His time will come.
  6. Our CB ranked based on performance : 1. Schaer 2. Burn 3. Botman 4. Lascelles. If Burn is decent, then Botman would be less than decent.
  7. Johnny

    Ryan Fraser

    It's baffle me that some fans choose him over ASM, Willock, or Almiron. It's clear that he's not good enough for Premiership. Championship player or lower table Premiership player at best.
  8. Our sixth draw of the season, I'm afraid. Fulham will park the bus, and will try to score with counter break. We will have hard time to break them down even with ASM starting.
  9. To people who actually wonder why it's Burn over Botman : statistically Burn IS over Botman. So if our manager put statistic above anything else, the it's logical he choose Burn over Botman.
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