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  1. I mean, some of the consortiums previous offers included the condition of Rafa being kept on. It's possible Rafa had something to do with selling the place to Staveley. He deserves this and he'd be 4 years ahead of any other manager in terms of a plan and knowing the club and area and fanbase. I can see them trying to move heaven and earth to get him. Whether it happens or not is another matter.
  2. Without trying to sound like John Carver, Pogba hasn't got the heart and took the easy way out.
  3. Shit team selection, shit performance. Just shit all round really.
  4. You are doing fantastic work - I'd rather you go for one of the other ideas - Bruce is in the past and we should be looking forward to a bright new future. He's not worth a seconds time now (he never was anyway tbh)
  5. Actually being excited before one of our games is a new and very strange feeling
  6. This feels like waiting for Christmas as a kid
  7. I'm not fully against Howe but he doesn't inspire me with confidence. I think ideally we should really be going for someone more proven at a range of clubs with expectations rather than someone who did well with one small club. This job will be a very different animal to a Bournemouth. However hearing names like Lampard and Gerrard thrown in the mix scare me a lot more than Howe.
  8. Lets hope our ITK is correct as its nearly been 48 hours and it's only causing more damage every day he is still here.
  9. I'm only trying to stay positive as I've been negative enough for years. He does need to go ASAP no doubt about it though
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