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  1. Dele Ali has the same agent as Trippier and Wood
  2. I’d like to raise concern about their human rights record.
  3. That’s exactly what we are. Get him in.
  4. I’m not saying there were a lot of racists. But it seemed like the idea was that pretty much everything should be accepted. And then there was this guy who polluted every thread with his love for Freddy Shepherd, if I remember correctly. Maybe it got better later, I haven’t been there for many years.
  5. I was there for years but got pretty sick of it; racists and trolls wumming and hurling insults around freely. The libertarian NUFC forum, basically.
  6. Would have been offside so officially (VAR) Schär didn’t touch it.
  7. Those Watford owners must be absolute nutters
  8. Is his crossing really that good? Also, was surprised to learn he’s 26, imagined him to be 22-23, it’s something about the way he plays, a bit naive.
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