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    Steve Bruce

    And then a heero comes along with the strength to carry on
  2. Collage

    Steve Bruce

    This, in a nut shell. Normally you sack the dead man walking and let the assistant manager take charge for 2-3 games.
  3. Collage

    Steve Bruce

    3 years notice period Guess his salary is relatively low. Ashley would never have sacked him so for him it was a great deal.
  4. Collage

    Steve Bruce

    I haven’t seen or heard anything that suggests he’s a nice guy. Some players like him, ok. Probably because he’s the opposite of a demanding manager.
  5. Not a fan of Emery, although he obviously has merits
  6. Avram Grant. It’s the name that pops up in my head when I read ”interim manager”.
  7. On a more serious note, yeah I think an interim could be good at this point
  8. Interim manager until Rafa is available
  9. Collage

    Wor Flags

    I’ve always loved the song, or the sax solo at least. One of the best pre-match hymns/songs in football IMO. Sounds great in that clip.
  10. Collage

    Steve Bruce

    We’re 19th. Haven’t won a game. He has a history of failure/mediocrity. Of course he needs to go ASAP. We need a new start in all regards. We all agreed on this a week ago. Why would it be different now?
  11. He hosts a podcast; ”Newcastle Natter”. Listened to the latest episode, much about our conflicted feelings about the takeover. Worth a listen.
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