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  1. Quite a few aspects of his game yesterday reminded me of HBA. The raw pace, natural dribbling ability, quick/accurate first-time passing. And he appears to work really hard out of possession, and is big and physical. In summary, potentially the best player in the world.
  2. Find it hard to believe ASM has a big part to play in this team.
  3. It’s worth repeating that the fans are the best and worst thing about NUFC.
  4. He did exactly the same when we won our first game of last season, can't remember who it was against but I was in the Gallowgate absolutely fuming that he drowned out the celebrations at the final whistle
  5. Definition of a shit DJ. Doesn't take in to account what's actually happening in the venue, just acts according to a set plan.
  6. As I’ve said before I’ve been on this prick’s case for ages. Was complaining about his post match antics early 2022. He hasn’t got a fucking clue.
  7. Hard agree, Ian. See also, preferential treatment for buying additional match tickets.
  8. Did you clock the AS quote? 'We have the same ambitions as Manchester City in terms of success and trophies'. We all knew it, of course, but confirmation that's what they're selling to new additions.
  9. Going to try to get tickets for me and the bairn but I don’t think it’ll happen. If not, at home on the sofa with him in his full Bruno kit I imagine. Took him to the SF which was nice as his previous cup game (and first game ever) was Cambridge . He’s unbeaten since then though. Brighton, Wolves, Leicester, Brentford, Leeds, Southampton. Little fella’s a good luck charm.
  10. Sorry, I thought the nature of the offence does determine the actual penalty in terms of quantity of games banned?
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