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  1. I’ll believe it when he drops him, he hasn’t done that yet.
  2. Yeah I agree, and it’s one of my really nagging doubts about him.
  3. I agree, there won’t be any lack of appetite for getting deals done from our side. My best case scenario now is a CB that gets Lascelles out of the team (maybe that needs to be 2 CB’s because Howe won’t drop him?) and someone who will get us 10 goals.
  4. I appreciate the measured post. I don’t care much about what he’s done in Saudi, the bloke looked like he rugby tackled him TBF. However, I have to take issue with the red against Norwich. That was idiotic, completely irrational given the context and not the action of a mature, experienced player.
  5. Dr Venkman

    Jesse Lingard

    Aye fair enough I was thinking of Lingard as a wide forward.
  6. Dr Venkman

    Jesse Lingard

    I think this is off and we get Nketiah instead
  7. Him and Arsenal both desperate for him to play apparently.
  8. TBF I’ve only been following them since 2007 but yeah, I know I’m getting what I deserve.
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