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  1. cookidge

    Gary Speed

    He may not have realised to be fair!
  2. cookidge

    Gary Speed

    This might be insensitive, but I'd love to read that without having to subscribe.
  3. Just looked out the window hoping you were there.
  4. I've got a feeling we're winning tomorrow lads. No idea why.
  5. Probably some bias here, but I think we've had the best 'badge' in the league for years. It looks elite. In the last 14 years I've felt that we've been undeserving of such a beautiful and royal-esque crest for our club. To be in the position now to affect our fortunes so much than we can match the quality of the crest, it feels silly to change it.
  6. You can't give that man a slither of an opportunity*. Incredible.
  7. I'm watching the Man U game. Has Bruce started taking the team yet? Because I can't tell the difference.
  8. He absolutely ran the game today. Looked every bit the real deal. Which is why I feel so angry now. There's a reason why he was in contention for an England call up a couple year back. More of this please Jonjo.
  9. Would love trippier, but I can't see why he would come outside of coming back to the UK for one last 'big' contract.
  10. Just had to Google this as I thought it was someone else. Nope, it's the milky bar Tory himself.
  11. What the fuck even is this? It's amazing how the right wing in power have managed to convince their base that the left is in control somehow. For all these people crying about "wokeness" and the like, they seem to forget that the left and liberals are nowhere near real power. Some influence in culture and film/music/tv means fuck all compared to government control and corporate monopoly. "Woe is me that the people we vote for are in power." Boo fucking hoo.
  12. A nice trip down a YouTube rabbit hole will sort you out 😃
  13. Love this game. It always turns into a traffic management sim for me, with all my best laid road plans going to waste in favour of a highway being built over some poor sods house.
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