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  1. That's the problem. I have £1500 worth of currys vouchers from my work benefit scheme. So wanna spunk most of it on a new TV/PS5 combo and can only do that in store. Rattled.
  2. So because somebody likes something on a messageboard, you think they work for that company?
  3. Very good Dynamite last night, next week's show are stacked! Sold 20,000 tickets at Arthur Ashe tennis stadium and Kenny Omega vs Bryan Danielson is the main event! What a dream match!
  4. As said previously off betting for a few weeks, and glad because I would have been all over Man U -1 last night. Really fancied it at evens.
  5. Not betting for while but surely this is a cast iron BTTS bet? 2-1 defeat.
  6. Will I be able to walk into Curry's (I have vouchers) and buy a PS5 before Xmas?
  7. I thought by now, I could just walk into a shop and buy a PS5.
  8. Really strong in game management from Rafa last night.
  9. I've not seen a game that had such a boring first half and then entertaining 15 minute period in the 2nd half. That was incredible.
  10. Really interesting day yesterday, NFL is class. What a sport!
  11. Browns are playing really well. Fun game.
  12. 64 points with Richarlison and Brownhill to come. Had rotten luck with injuries, so I'm happy enough with my score. Brownhill is just on bench as a cheap sub, but he has a play this week.
  13. My mates arriving back soon. Goodbye to the cats and tortoise, been great fun looking after them. Will miss giving the tortoise his soak 3 times a week. He shit several times in the bath. He must have been relaxed lol
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