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  1. What a sport man. I love this game.
  2. One of the best night's of Sport ever. Me and my mate were screaming at TV at 4am. Fucking incredible!
  3. Omg what a terrible decision
  4. Honestly I would be so hard if we stayed up at the expense of these nonces.
  5. The break will do him good. 2 weeks of training with his new teammates.
  6. I would be happy with 4 points from Everton and Villa. At least we have a chance now. Felt defeated after Watford game last week.
  7. Fucking get in! Absolutely ridiculously vital win.
  8. Excellent from Starmer. Obviously he has been given a bit of an open goal but he was was very strong there.
  9. Just started last season of Pen15. Really good start.
  10. This has been a fantastic game.
  11. Fucking some game this. Loving it.
  12. It wasn't great like but I didn't hate it. I can understand not liking it though.
  13. The Lost Daughter. Thought the acting was very good. Certainly wasn't bored but tbh nothing really happens. Ending was artificial imo. I'd go 6/10, definitely watchable.
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