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  1. This is wank. Don't me start doing work, guys.
  2. Canny group double header tomorrow. 5pm Czech/Croatia and 8pm England/Scotland.
  3. Twice today an opposition player has helped a player with cramp with the old cramp stretch.
  4. Austria have been poor. Lack of urgency. Tactically bland.
  5. GTA 3 was wild. The step up was brilliant. Rocked my world at the time tbh
  6. Will PSV sell Dumfries? Heard Everton interested, you would fancy a few more will be
  7. Aye started well first 10 mins but bland since tbh.
  8. Play it online all the time. Fucking love it. Hard but love it. Playing 4 way with my mates on 18 holes with the headsets on, is just great times.
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