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  1. Bimpy474

    Karl Darlow

    Well i think that would be in case there's any injuries in the GK department before the game, unlikely but can happen losing two GK's in one day or two.
  2. Good promising English talent who can play across all front 3 positions, ideal for our system. By God he's a cheating little shite though, ah well that's the current football way like it or not. Hope he scores a hat trick against Everton.
  3. No one knows what their sent off player said, might have gobbed off and Murphy reacted.
  4. I look forward to the apology from refs in about two months time, that'll be nice.
  5. Wish Sky wouldn't keep advertising the game like we're going to piss it. For Southampton that's all the encouragement they need, totally written off.
  6. I generalising you know, 25 players who are all decent. Trying to be a bit upbeat. You get out much or ?
  7. Got to stop thinking like that mate, squad building with two players equally as good for each position, we're no small time 11 purples any more.
  8. Horrid faced, dives (which i fecking hate with a passion) around like a cheating little ratboy. like any other hypocrite, I'll cheer him on if he plays, that's life.
  9. Bimpy474


    It's a red as he didn't make any attempt to play the ball, goalscoring opportunity denied, as red as you get that unfortunately. I think just outside though.
  10. Christ here comes the misery train.
  11. A proper holding midfielder to free up Bruno to create things further up i would have said. But after letting Wood go, i would say someone who could play across the front.
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