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  1. Aye, but i fear if we did it, it would make Ashley even more vindictive that ever. There's no way he would react the way the other two clubs did by spending, not a chance imo. We should still do it mind. to show just horrendous the man is.
  2. And that twat Gabby Agbonlahor reckons ASM is the reason we're shite
  3. Aye, 15 years though, if he's not gone soon it'll be a generation of the vindictive cunt. ANY other club in and around the Premiership and this would be an utter scandal, but we just have to watch while we get blamed for not being thankful enough for his ownership. Honestly I wished I could see any end to it but I just can't. He won't sell for anything less than his greedy parasitic mitts want, and the only party willing to pay him, are being blocked because it would threaten the Judas 6 from their money.
  4. Bimpy474

    Cricket 2.0

  5. That is very true, although i do like to click to see this joyless dump hole of arguing lunatics, mainly in the faint hope something real has been posted that the takeover is on, but that unfortunately is the faintest of hopes.
  6. This thread is like a endless roundabout of repeated bilge
  7. Yep, he sure will. And the bullshit argument already doing the rounds that we needed to get a player out is nonsense, you just leave one out like Atsu last season.
  8. Also, I'm pretty sure this confirms the tit really is going to select 4 GK's in the squad
  9. While true, not one of those clubs is run the way we are. Whatever enthusiasm the players and fans have, has just been extinguished by the way the idiots running our club act. Don't underestimate how much damage this is going to do to an already fragile squad, with a buffoon of manager in the dug out.
  10. The only miniscule hope we have is the sale is/will be approved, and the fat arse knows it and is refusing to spend, leaving the new owners the winter window. Even that's pie in the sky bollocks.
  11. I dispute that, i think we're one of the worst in the league now, and for us, as you say have a moron as our manager. We also have no depth whatsoever, a long term injury to Wilson and we're done and dusted.
  12. We are without a doubt favourites to go down, everyone else is at least trying to stay up.
  13. We're pathetic, only we could have the tightest billionaire in history as our owner
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