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  1. You gave a fair point, I'm still of the mind we're over thinking it though.
  2. Probably another thing we need to get used to. Multiple jobs around things like scouting and recruitment. Not the shambles of one bald thumb, Rod Stewart's brother and a fax machine.
  3. I wouldn't think Eddie's influence would stretch to keep the fella place if he was doing a terrible job. I just think we're over analysing something rather than judging the fella on his merits (the nephews), which if you look at Bournemouth over his ten years, he didn't do bad, despite Eddie's ending there.
  4. When we appoint a manager be it Rafa, Eddie and even Pardew. They all bring their own staff, that's nepotism too but we say not much, and why would we ? Because we don't recognise it as nepotism ? Maybe but it's no different.
  5. Fair point, but why does it have to be simple nepotism as if the bloke is only there because who Eddie is. Eddie left Bournemouth how long ago ? If he was only in the job because of Eddie wouldn't Bournemouth have got rid ? The lad was still there, and had been for 10 years (if you believe the info). At face value I'm taking the positive, not the negative on this one. Just me maybe, but it's clearly not simple nepotism imo.
  6. What has top clubs clamouring for him got to do with it, is that the yard stick on how we appoint someone ? Of course there's nepotism, it's his nephew, but the point still stands, if he's good at the job it's irrelevant who he is.
  7. Nephew or not, if he's doing/done a good job where he's been, it's not a problem is it ? Managers like people they know and trust in place.
  8. Please don't put pictures of that confused bumbling albino womble in the football Forum, its my escape in here.
  9. Bimpy474

    Stand-up comedy

    In the interval for Bill Bailey, absolutely superb. So funny and talented, it's been brilliant so far Utterly brilliant, so so good, highly recommended 👌
  10. There's a good point there, if you don't get off the pitch right, you'll never get on the pitch right.
  11. Bimpy474

    Chris Wood

    I'm not overly worried about his performance yesterday, he had 2 days with his teammates. If it carries on into game after game then yeah, but he needs a bit time to settle in, time I'm aware we don't have.
  12. Apologises as my post should have said, 'i can understand why he hasn't' You're not wrong either, organised we haven't been. But his defensive record at Bournemouth was atrocious, it was about goals scoring, that's not going to work with us, especially with our lack any forward attacking plans over the last few seasons.
  13. That is something i totally agree with, and it does look grim. But with a couple more buys in the right areas, and only a couple of points adrift, well there's a chance we can stay up imo. I wouldn't say I'm optimistic, just not defeated would be the better phrase.
  14. We have a squad of players put together to achieve the minimum, It's ingrained in the players and was in the club. The club you can snap out of it immediately as we've seen, the players on the other hand, not a chance. We bought average players to be an average team, chucked in a couple of sparks like ASM to do the little bits of magic now and again. That's a culture, a long term culture that's festered away for years. I don't disagree Howe should have done better, but i can understand why he hasn't.
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