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  1. Great window. Trust the process.
  2. Went for 10th, FA Cup 5th Round and League Cup Quarter Final. Obviously the cups are hugely dependent on a draw, so I’d say that the bar for me is only getting knocked out by a good Premier League opponent. Other things I’d like to see: - A couple of games against the Big 6 where we are really competitive and even if we don’t win, we play well and get a result - A game against a mid-table or above opponent where we really thrash them 4-0, 5-0, 5-1 etc. - More generally over the course of the season spend more on top in games - both in terms of possession but also creating genuine chances
  3. This. If the Fun88 deal runs for this season then it’s very hard to see another sponsor coming in soon or mid-season. The cost of paying off Fun88 would almost certainly make any gains from a new sponsor marginal at best.
  4. When you know how desperate we are for new signings, why would you sell on 10 January or 20 January when you could wait until 30 January and see if you can't add another 20%, 30% or 40% to the price? It's a guess, but I'm assuming that's the issue we're now running into.
  5. I don’t think that’s right. As there are various players (e.g. Saka at Arsenal, Greenwood at Man U) who aren’t in the 25 man squads (due to being homegrown U23) but would very much be counted as official outfield players.
  6. Genuine question - anyone know if Anderson and White count as ‘available players’? They are in the first team group but have read some stuff previously (I think in relation to Everton?) that suggested you might need to have at least one senior start to be counted as one of the thirteen outfield players.
  7. I know it's bad to say but I would have zero problem with any of our next five matches being postponed. Would much rather play the Liverpool, City, Man U, Everton and Southampton games after we've been able to bring reinforcements on board in January (with the possible exception of Everton, who seem to have awful injury problems right now).
  8. stozo

    Transfer rumours

    Trippier signing would obviously be a bit of both good and bad. On the bad, he’s obviously not someone who has a future 3-5 years down the track. On the good, he’s a top level player who is willing to join a team currently 19th in the Premier League. I’d 100% take him.
  9. Can we lock the thread, delete all the other posts and just leave this one until we have a new manager?
  10. Firstly, obviously if we have a great replacement lined up I'd be very happy to see Bruce gone ASAP. Given it might take time though I think we should see how things play out. I'd be tempted to wait until at least the November international break and then see how many points we have. Obviously if we remain averaging less than a point per game then we need to change but it wouldn't surprise me if there is an a mini up turn in form post-takeover - the atmosphere at home to Spurs is going to be a huge advantage. I guess my main point comes back to how important this next appointment is. Yes, we want Bruce gone. But if that means Howe or someone else 'because he is available' and then we end up needing to sack him mid next season (and find ourselves again going to the 'available option'), then we risk being stuck in a very unsatisfactory cycle that is going to hamper us.
  11. People will hate this but I'm pretty comfortable with the idea of Bruce staying short-term until Jan or the end of season (provided we steer clear of danger). This is a hugely important appointment and one we need to get right - rather than just going for who is available right now. Personally, I think we'll end up with a coach who is focused on player/club development over the long term rather than a Conte-type appointment. I just don't think the model of the consortium involves spending the type of money that would make us Champions League contenders next season - sounds like this is a 5-10 year project. A name that I don't think has been mentioned so far that I think would be an interesting option is Roger Schmidt (PSV manager, formerly of Leverkusen and RB Salzburg).
  12. Krul (Netherlands) Hughes (Northern Ireland Coloccini (Argentina) Albert (Belgium) Enrique (Spain) Solano (Peru) Speed (Wales) Cabaye (France) Asprilla (Colombia) Ba (Senegal) Shearer (England) Slightly odd formation but desperately wanted to include Cabaye and then subsequently realised that all our decent left wingers have been French (Ginola, Robert, ASM).
  13. I agree with you that he is contributing to the rot. I disagree that wanting us to lose a game against the second worst team in the league with 11 to play is sensible. If this was October maybe I'd be with you, but as a say if we lose today it may well be relegation no matter what (we love Rafa, and saving us in his first season was beyond him).
  14. Deep down they don’t, they are full of s*** like If I knew losing this game would 100% get Bruce sacked, I'd take a loss right now tbh. This I genuinely don't think you mean that. If we lose today, in all likelihood we go down in my view. Maybe Bruce does get sacked, but from a position of losing today I'm not sure there are any guarantees we stay up with a new manager. We've been lucky that both times we've gone down, we've come back up. As I say today could get Bruce sacked, but it could also be the catalyst for a multi-year decline. If we stay up absolutely nothing will change and we’ll be stuck in this nightmare for the foreseeable. Wohoo. We've been down twice and nothing changed. Nothing will change until Ashley leaves. Ashley leaving requires someone to pay a very substantial sum of money. That is far more likely in the Premier League than the Championship.
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