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  1. Why is Rafa's odds are shortening today?
  2. For whatever reason they didn't want Fonseca. Which is shame.
  3. Emery Has to be number one from all the other candidates. I like how Fonseca hated defending and he is all out attacking very Keeganesque too riskey for our current predicament.
  4. https://www.getfootballnewsfrance.com/2021/newcastle-target-former-psg-director-of-sport-antero-henrique-following-takeover/ If we go this route I see why Emery can be an option as he was the manager of PSG when Henrique was in charge there. Lots of possible ways this things might go.
  5. He gave the youth lots of opportunity. Wilock included.
  6. Why are you lot worried about Martinez then?
  7. Sky Bet and couple of others has Unai Emery as odds on favorite and no one is commented about it. Emery could thick lots of boxes and he could be the one.
  8. The simple answer is NO.
  9. Crazy People don't want Martinez and call him Fraud yet they think his assistant for number of years (Jones) is great
  10. Martinez will tick lots of boxes to be our next manager. PL experience, relegation experience with Wigan, Attractive football. Working with elite players with Belgium. We could do a lot worse.
  11. Wenger would be amazing if we can pull it off. Worth the wait if possible. We will comfortably finish mid table under him even this season.
  12. My opinion exactly. Right now the most important point is how quickly they finalize this?
  13. I saw it in the odd checker. https://www.oddschecker.com/football/football-specials/newcastle/next-permanent-manager
  14. Roberto Martinez odds on favorite right now. Flurry of activities on him in the last couple of hours.
  15. Hire Gerard and we will be relegated.
  16. Should just give Jones the opportunity.
  17. It is not off or it is not closer to happen either. This settlement thing is a wishful thinking. I hate saying this on the positive thread but this week development is a big setback let's not sugar coat it.
  18. I am usually postive but even those words are not giving me any hope. Even when the takeover happen I will be num for a while. I have lots of scare to show of with this saga.
  19. Strawberry

    Isaac Hayden

    He should be the football club captain.
  20. It is not like they will confirm it is true if it is true. not a fan of MOTT i blocked him on twitter
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