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  1. Tbh I think, after the super league debacle, that there’s already a consensus and even general acceptance that the premier league panders to the top 6 and their sponsors. I honestly don’t think they care that this is even proven in court either. What can the other clubs do about it? Absolutely nothing. The premier league will argue, with some merit I need add, that its these top clubs that are fuelling the increase in tv money and sponsorship that trickle down throughout the league. In short I’m of the opinion that this “exposure” and collusion to keep it a closed shop isn’t quite t
  2. What are the rules on posting articles behind a paywall? I’m happy to do it if it’s not an infringement of the rules. People can make their own minds up then. I definitely didn’t see it as a positive article. It was critical of PIF and brutal when it came to what CAT could mean for the real.
  3. Man, that athletic piece makes for depressing reading. It’s pretty balanced and well thought out too. Essentially saying this CAT case ain’t starting anytime soon and that the CAT tribunal has never really handled a sporting case like this before so the premier league will have good grounds to get it chucked out/delayed. Also mentions that PIF would only come back to the table is there is a clear path for them - something that is very very unlikely to transpire from arbitration or CAT. In short - it’s not dead yet but we are in the final stages of attempted resuscitation with it. Fuc
  4. Jesus Christ the bullshit peddlers really are out in force today. They were all blindsided by yesterday’s news which pretty much tells us what we all already suspected - none of em knew fuck all about any of it. All I’ve seen today is a thousand twats on Twitter twisting in the wind. It’d be very funny if it wasn’t so gut wrenchingly infuriating.
  5. BennyBlanco

    The Weather

    Was pissed off to be isolating until the weather rolled in this week. Now I’m sat in the paddling pool with an icepop and couldn’t give a fiddlers fuck.
  6. Correct. They’ve not even mentioned it. Just fluffed up CAT case a bit more to tee up their own sense of self importance. Apparently the fall out will see Masters and Hoffman’s position with the league become untenable😂 Never heard so much shit in all my life.
  7. But then the premier league need to firm up their criteria and make a straight decision don’t they? my god I hate that prick Simon Jordan.
  8. Mehrdad Ghodoussi’s tweet says to me he thinks the premier league are twisting again though. Fuck knows. Im washing my hands of the thing now. Once again we’ve been treated like shit and we’ll do absolutely nothing about it.
  9. This is so fucking bent it’s unreal. Anyone with a set of eyes can see the league is just kicking the can down the road. They are literally playing with people’s futures here. An entire areas future. Fuck the lot of em. Corrupt cunts.
  10. Fucking hell. Well that’s that then lads. I’m absolutely done with English football. Bent as fuck.
  11. Ya get the sense that Priti Patel actually gets a kick out of being seen to be a heartless twat. Sad thing is she’ll probably be right up there for leader when Boris decides to fuck it off. All the while the Labour Party still proceeds to punch itself repeatedly in the groin for no reason whatsoever in place of being a credible opposition.
  12. Surely then this is yet more evidence for the CAT case. I’m no lawyer but from a layman’s perspective it seems pretty frigging obvious that debt laden hedge fund takeovers that won’t challenge the top 6 are fine but ones that threaten the status quo are to be challenged.
  13. General question in relation to the takeover process. If the people are of the opinion that the premier league won’t allow THIS takeover, what sort of takeover do you think they are happy to sanction?
  14. Reading between the lines, if CAT goes ahead publicly, the Prem may settle to avoid the levels of scrutiny they’ll get. It seems that we’ve found their Achilles heel here - transparency.
  15. Jesus😂 is that true? Looks like he couldn’t fight sleep😂
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