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  1. The amount of support he gets despite it being glaringly obvious that he is woefully inept is sickening like. He needs to do the honourable thing and just fuck off. But he won’t though, because he wants his monster payoff, to the detriment of the squads current league position and mindset. He isn’t a nice bloke at all, he’s a greedy, inept, pork cylinder of a man.
  2. Yup, the premier league fucked us with the timing of it all. It could have been perfect.
  3. Give Everton a blank cheque for Rafa and just have done with it man. No pissing about.
  4. He’ll soon crumble under the added attention. His dire management has been allowed to slip under the radar for ages but with the scrutiny he’ll be under now, it won’t be long until he’s properly exposed by those who don’t share an agent/agenda with him.
  5. All I know is that the first “big name” that jumps will be instantly greeted as a fucking hero here.
  6. . . . . .Boumsong and Bramble managed to stink out the back four every fucking week
  7. Can’t wait for it to all be about him again.
  8. Absolutely stinks of Eddie Howe being the next manager.
  9. Think that makes her more genuine. She’s clearly not reading from a script. I like that.
  10. In tears lads. 14 years of hardship and bullshit. A toast to “whatever happens next”. Brave new dawn.
  11. Luke Edwards has just mentioned Conte as a potential target for next manage!!!
  12. Interesting to note in that telegraph article that Mandy won’t be sticking around for long. Only temporary until PIF stick their own man in. I thought she owned a small percentage of the club though.
  13. No way it falls down now. Too many voices, too many affirmations. Jesus Christ.
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