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  1. Like this signing, some serious shades of Big Dunc signing.
  2. I appreciate any reticence he may have in relation to our league position but if, as the reports are saying, he’d rather go and live in london then it says a lot about his mindset and mentality. Swerve. It doesn’t half feel good being a picky bastard too😂
  3. Be my first home game in over 15 years so really really looking forward to the event if not the result. Hopefully we can pull off a xmas upset.
  4. Just started sleeping dogs again. Forgot how good of a story and how enjoyable a game it actually is. Seems to have actually aged pretty well. Graphics don’t look too bad either.
  5. Morning all. Thought this was as good a thread as any to ask, making the trip up today for the match later, not been to the toon in over 15 years so can’t tell you how excited I am - my question though is where’s decent for a bite to eat for lunch and a couple of drinks?
  6. It would make you a very silly person to not be slightly worried that they might fuck January up when they simply can’t afford to. It’s been very chaotic so far so the outside looking in. I appreciate the communication via the owners but they all need to be reading from the same hymn sheet on this one. Again, you get the feeling that there are too many chiefs and not enough indians at board level.
  7. Willock offering nowt defensively here. Not the game to go missing for anybody.
  8. Willocks lost the plot. His shit touch will cost us here. Just watch.
  9. Fuckin willock has looked bollocks since day 1 this year.
  10. I can only dream of what this place will look like if they conduct their transfer business in the same protracted way they’ve conducted their search for the DoF and to some extent, manager😂
  11. Quietly confident. but only in the sense that should we lose I’ll also be confident we are well and truly fucked this year. It really is a shit or bust game.
  12. A quick scan of nufc Twitter really is fucking awful like. It’s either Burnsie and Casey or any number of their accounts with their ITK shite, Keith/Fat Dentist/Bald Cunt and their cabal or an increasing number of what I like to call “tits out” accounts and their gang of simps. Kendall something or other or that Suzie bird - posting basic platitudes and revelling in the attention. It proper gets on ya nerves.
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