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  1. Wraith, the homophobe, the fat dentist, Keef. Fuck em all. They’ve been the jizz stain on everyone’s favourite pair of pants for far too long.
  2. Obvious Keith is being obvious again everyone.
  3. Nah, got a feeling it’s Keith. Same childish use of emojis at the end of every tweet. Silly cunt he is.
  4. What the frigging hell is going on in this mad fucking football club now?😂
  5. Currently having a torrid time with the wife’s Nan who’s very quickly succumbing to this terrible disease. She’s moving in with us soon and I don’t mind saying I’m dreading it. Fully feel for him and his family.
  6. I agree with this. I think that could be the premier leagues undo-ing really, the fact that they couldn’t make a decision meant that they clearly didn’t have the confidence in their own rules or that they couldn’t find a legitimate reason to turn it down to placate whoever it was that was lobbying against it. The consortium had every right to refuse an offer or arbitration - the same way they had every right to have the rules in regards to their ownership of the club applied fairly and in a timely matter. We’ll see what the CAT case brings, the more I think about it, the more I thi
  7. Oh someone’s definitely taking a donut punch somewhere down the line.
  8. 100% he once sat in a pensioners living room for 6 hours until she relented and bought 6 sets of new windows and a full conservatory for four times the usual price.
  9. Fat cunt of an owner, fat cunt of an MD and a fat cunt of a “manager”. The place is literally coming apart at the seams. Bruce ain’t the root of the problem but he’s certainly a symptom that needs to be eradicated and quickly.
  10. Alright pal, strap your lob on back down.
  11. Tbf I have no clue what any of it means in relation to the companies house stuff. Is it actually relevant in any way or is it the usual suspects/plane watchers/utter turds getting their monthly lob on?
  12. Jesus - were all off again I see😂
  13. Accident of birth is in no way indicative of the tenacity of her character.
  14. This Ben Simmons trade saga is very interesting. He could literally end up anywhere at the moment. I think social media is doing him a little dirty, his recent form has been terrible but there’s a 3 time all star in there. Would love to see him with the Clippers but I doubt they’ve got any tradeable assets that the 76ers would actually find viable. They certainly ain’t gunna give up PG or Kawhi.
  15. Her recent court case tells us a different story though. She got fuck all. There’s the slightest whiff of a chancer about her that I can’t really seem to let go of in my head. She only brought the Saudis to the table via that American tart that Al Rumiyan is rumoured to be pumping - that seems to be the only thing that got them on board. It’s all very very tenuous stuff.
  16. I don’t know what I’m more looking forward to. The day Ashley fucks off, the day Bruce fucks off or the day the ceiling caves in on Keith the liar, that bald cunt who sucks gangsta root, the fat dentist and the sexist.
  17. Whilst I don’t like him, this is a pretty shitty way to treat him when he’s been nothing but loyal to the hierarchy. At this point the only positive would be if the roof fell in on the entire thing and we started again from scratch.
  18. 3 games in and we’ve seen we’ll get no favours from VAR or anything that’s going to any sort of review. Twin with a woeful manager, a pretty threadbare squad and a toxic atmosphere. I honestly think this will be the year that sees us down. And we won’t recover.
  19. As a current resident of the manchester area, I’ve much enjoyed winding up both sets of fans over this. Personally I think United will shit themselves and offer him better terms, I would love to see them start bleating if he did go to City. God it would be nice to enjoy a transfer window for once. . . .
  20. Usually happens when individuals start jostling to be front and centre. It’s happened time and time again with us and it usually ends up in a race to the bottom with the insults etc.
  21. Great idea, be nice if the big group was also actually interested in co-ordinating direct action rather than washing their hands of every dissenting voice or alternative protest movement.
  22. That’s where we are at now. The highly rated son of a toon legend fucking off for pastures new because we are so feeble at every conceivable level.
  23. This. Yet another call to action to sit and discuss how we can disagree about what step not to take next. We may as well all walk around with our trollies round our ankles and a lanyard with lube attached.
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