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  1. Not sure any insurers would be willing to pay out 40 million if they knew there was an alternative resolution.
  2. What’s his losses on the football club though post covid valuation. He could reasonably argue he had a deal for 340 million pre covid and due to PL the club is now valued at 300 to be very generous. Would the PL or their insurers be happy to pick the tab up for the difference ?
  3. Perfectly summarised Jinky all still to play for.
  4. I sense your disillusionment with the whole thing mate. After reading your post on the youth situation the other day though, think it’s a case of if you can’t beat them join them. We need this takeover for the future, whatever baggage it brings in my opinion.
  5. The PL will offer settlement a) if disclosure is going to be damning or b) if it looks like we have any chance of winning CAT case. One look at the penalties involved for breaching anti competition tells you that. Ashley wants the takeover and compensation.
  6. I think the PL would rather allow it to go through then pay a hefty compensation sum to Ashley. What sort of figure are we talking about that would satisfy Ashley ? He’s lost 340 million, he’s not settling for his legal fees being covered at this point.
  7. Keep your chin up where all fucking pissed off, I want nothing more than to feel able to go back to St Jame’s. A settlement is still the easiest route out of this for all especially if CAT case gets go ahead.
  8. Keep PIF on board until next year and still every chance. We’ll soon know if they pull out as it will be the end of this Staveley bid. Absolutely convinced they’re all in this together and very determined though. If CAT case gets go ahead and disclosure comes this year, then we might get earlier resolution. I’m chilled out about it, won’t be attending any matches but as long as Staveley remains committed hope we have a good season to keep deal in place. Not over by a long shot don’t kid yourselves.
  9. Nothing to be worrried about mate, just switch off let it play out. It’s not going to happen as soon as we all would have liked, but it’s still very much alive in my opinion.
  10. Clearly hypothetical scenario he pitched.
  11. Absolutely boils my piss reading that it’s almost like we’re not a premiership club. The vultures have moved into our area as they see ripe pickings, whilst we wave the white flag and say help yourself. We’re on the same level as a third division club in all but name. Shameful, embarrassing and worst of all inflicted upon on us by the powers that be who are happy to see us kept in our place.
  12. To be fair the U.A.E is mentioned, but yes Slater’s pro PL position is clear for all to see. It’s noticeable that all the leaks re arbitration have come from him, Edwards and Jacobs with their own spin on it.
  13. If ever a man needed his phone hacked it’s this cunt.
  14. I’m quite sure Ashley has kept the buyers in loop privately. Whatever the public line is from PCP, everything Ashley is doing is with a view to keeping PIF on board.
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