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  1. Very exciting to have a wide player with movement, pace and the ability to pick a pass. As long as he keeps his head down I think Eddie will turn him into a real too player.
  2. Nee chance of getting in the Green Man sold out.
  3. Can’t see Man U taking over Covent Garden on the Saturday, they were fucking invisible the last 2 times we played them at Wembley the night before.
  4. Covent Garden Saturday afternoon, Trafalgar later, then find somewhere respectable in the west end for a civilised pint when it gets to rowdy. Day of game early pints around KX, tube to Baker Street and probably cans outside the Globe pre match. Not sure which pubs we’ve been allocated around Wembley, Green Man or Torch used to be best of bad bunch.
  5. In the old days the touts would panic if you could hold your nerve right up until kick off, not sure what the score will be for this though demand seems huge.
  6. My guess would be the latter, be surprised if they get much more than a fine and transfer ban.
  7. There’ll be plenty of touts about it’s just making sure you don’t get a snide.
  8. Not ideal but needs must unfortunately, hopefully I make it to full time to see us lift it.
  9. Yeah seems like folk only want to sing for a couple of minutes after we score then sit back in silence. Wasn’t there on Saturday so can’t comment, but at times on Tuesday the team needed a lift and the place was silent. Our reputation as great fans is a myth sadly on the evidence of this season and no amount of flag waving is going to mask it.
  10. He’s got the lot size, pace, great shot and gets his head up. An upgrade on Almiron, Murphy and St Max will be a big player for us.
  11. Kone, Caicedo, Rice and Bellingham 4 top class midfielders, we need to get hold of one of these in the summer if we get into the CL.
  12. The Milky Bar kids probably been shopping in the Bridges with his mother today.
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