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  1. Trippier will be off in the summer too if we go down. Don't think it makes much difference, at least Lingard is being up front about it.
  2. Longstaff's dawdling against their press will be pretty catastrophic. I think starting him is getting close to the same level as starting Ritchie in terms of almost guaranteeing we don't win.
  3. Reckon this will be a Leicester away esque total non performance. 3-0 Leeds.
  4. buzz

    Rafa Benítez

    If Simeone loved Trippier then I'm sure Rafa would. In terms of ASM, as exciting as he is going forward he is undeniably a massive problem in every other area. If Rafa returned and got rid of him I wouldn't be too upset tbh.
  5. Watford and Burnley's game in hands lol, omg the table is grim. It's finished.
  6. Rafa wants a long term project near his home. If he's sacked I could definitely imagine him accepting the job with an eye on the Championship rebuild next season. Interesting to see what happens
  7. There's a really good chance he'll be in the dugout come August in the Championship imo. Not sure the Saudis will have much patience with Howe if he takes us down after having from November to change things.
  8. It was a pretty even game imo, two shit teams who will both go down.
  9. 10. It's over. One win all season fgs, it's a formality.
  10. El Ghazi is a Kia Joorabchian signing apparently.
  11. buzz

    Chris Wood

    Barnes looks finished
  12. buzz

    Chris Wood

    I thought it would be more like £7m £20m is a lot but who cares, think the Saudis can afford to overpay a bit
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