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    Jesse Lingard

    That fucker should rename his accounts to mouth of bullshit
  2. That statement couldn’t be further from the truth, if our current transfer window is anything to go by.
  3. The clear penalty’s that VAR has chosen not to even check in the last few weeks and they give this as a penalty, it’s a fucking disgrace. VAR is now choosing where and when to get involved
  4. Are you puke Edward’s? Or do you just have your tongue in his arse?
  5. Yep absolutely right, can’t touch the fucker until the outcome of his case is known, can’t be a good sign that Brighton are willing to offload one of there best players half way through the season, it should be approached with massive caution
  6. Good job VAR missed that as if they picked it up the goal is disallowed
  7. That means the bad luck possibly continues, reread my post
  8. Don’t even need that 32-35 should be enough this season
  9. TBH I was putting it down to being my fault, because my wife has no immune system I haven’t been able to attend games this season, so I though it was me being the bad luck for not going. I can hopefully attend the Everton game if all things go well over the next week, so we will put that bad luck to the test
  10. Hahah that’s why I put it, I did say earlier that I was so glad to be wrong about todays result
  11. Yeah hopefully the fucker has snapped his hamstring and is out for the season
  12. Right here, and never more happy to be wrong, need to push on now though and pay the fucking money, 1 swallow doesn’t make a summer and all that
  13. My heart rate was over 120bpm in that last 10 mins
  14. Time for us to drop back 15 yards, then conceding with a few mins to go
  15. We could play till Wednesday and not score
  16. Which is why he shouldn’t have got the job in the first place
  17. We’ve got a team full of players that, can’t run, can’t pass, can’t shoot, panic when the ball comes to them and 1 other player that thinks he can take on the entire opposing team with no thought of passing the ball.
  18. Because currently they couldn’t finish a bag of crisps, we can’t even string 2 passes together man
  19. Chris wood has the touch of a catholic priest
  20. Sorry but they have been head and shoulders better than us, we look like conceding every time they attack, it’s not hard to see why we have only won 1 game all season
  21. We are absolutely horrific, it’s only because Leeds haven’t been able to finish their chances that we haven’t been put to the sword, carry on like this in the second half and they will score and then we will collapse
  22. Woohoo, we have signed another striker that couldn’t hit the floor if he fell on it
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