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  1. The problem with miggy is he’s so scared to even try using his right foot and that’s why he will be replaced(top players will use both), he got into some positions yesterday and just wouldn’t swing his right foot.
  2. Absolutely this, if we insist on playing ASM we might be better off using him as a replacement striker
  3. Absolutely this, it’s like the idiots have forgotten the last 14 years
  4. I don’t see Murphy starting on the left though, he’s always miggys replacement, so unless he’s going to move miggy over to the left I don’t see him starting
  5. If he doesn’t start ASM(I’m not his biggest fan) tonight when there is clearly a space for him, then there is absolutely no point having him on the bench for they rest of the season as he will without a doubt down tools
  6. Can see a very soft Chelsea penalty coming
  7. Exactly, this stinks of people that didn’t stick around during the shit times now crying that they can’t get a ticket during the good times
  8. This is why I think we’re releasing so much merchandise, if Castore can’t get it out in acceptable numbers then they are in breach of contract and can be terminated
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