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  1. Fucking ridiculous this like. Man U are a fucking joke. No wonder they're a mess financially.
  2. Does Graves actually have an inside track? I don't ever remember the daft cunt breaking or contributing anything of note
  3. It was reported that he is on €22,000 a week around €1.14m a year. No idea if net etc. We were probably offering around 60-70k a week I would guess based on current wage structure.
  4. Don't think he'll turn Inter down for us unfortunately.
  5. That's fair enough, from his point of view his next contract is very important. Basically his last payday as being 29 his value is probably only going to dwindle. I was just more concerned it was because he wasn't keen on moving here.
  6. If we get him for that I'm not complaining too much considering all the bullshit around us. I doubt he'd go for a lot less in the summer if Spurs or the ilk bought him. Knowing our luck at the minute we'll sign him and he'll have a Woodgate like debut.
  7. I saw an account on twitter said that Man u is interested in Kamara, would be disappointing if true but I've got a feeling he's holding out till the summer anyway.
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