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  1. Eid has been called for Wednesday 12th (so far) again depending on moon committee, so expect something later on in the week to come in positive with regards to news on the takeover from the KSA / Legal / PCP side from Sunday 16th May onwards which is the starting week in Qatar and GCC (Dubai / Saudi etc) (Just to clarity no contracts / negotiations / legals etc.. will be signed off until then (due to Ramadan) PL have not got a legal leg to stand on with regards to defending any NUFC case hence the push from MA publicly, he’s in a very strong position. From what I know and wha
  2. In qatar everyone has given the following week off from Thursday 6th May. Eid has not been called yet here in Qatar until the moon committee (which is true) calls it. Based on hotels opening back up here due to lockdown restrictions tight and government holidays with banks etc it looks it will be 12th or 13th for the 3 day break but due to weekend here it being Friday / Saturday it will go into next week. As I said before again nothing has been called to a specific date yet.
  3. Why? It’s a forum, the idea is to share views and opinions. I live in Qatar and I’ve been told and I’ve seen myself with big clients that something positive will happen, I’m sharing something that I feel is really acceptable to the forum. What’s wrong with that?
  4. Don’t post a lot, as from what I hear here in qatar from big local Qatari clients that we deal with, the Saudi takeovers agreed (Ashley’s statement is putting more pressure on EPL to conclude quicker) and its verbally closed off with EPL and it’s just a formality which will happen after Ramadan. Bare in mind EID break is for the next 2 weeks for all government companies etc within then GCC.. from Sunday. Take it as what you will but I’m just passing it on, bare in mind the information I had previously from the same clients, they were very precise on about project zebra previously as well
  5. Looks great and it's really fast. Don't post very often but this may change things. Thanks again.
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