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  1. Ok, it’s only the chronicle but ….. ‘Writing in his latest piece for The Chronicle, North East journalist Ryder has confirmed that Benitez’s potential return to Tyneside was not a stipulation of the takeover deal, meaning that him joining the Toffees will not affect any potential new ownership.”
  2. Don’t believe the “Rafa to Everton” changes anything to do with the takeover………We are in the middle of Arbitration and CAT, the result of which will decide our takeover, nothing to do with Rafa and those who think, “it must be off if he’s taking the Everton Job”…..good luck to him, but I’m guessing the consortium have a number of possible managers on a list when the takeover actually happens.
  3. Got no problem with all your reasoning behind your doubts about takeover, every chance you may be right, but I do object to the suggestion that anyone who posts in the positivism thread cannot discuss the takeover like”grown ups”…don’t tar your prejudice, just because you don’t like the posts in there.
  4. Out of interest, why has Michael Carrick got a house up here…i know he’s from Wallsend, but he’s first team coach at ManU, or does he still spend time back up here
  5. IMO if he did take the job I don’t think that has any baring on our takeover….more like he’s not risking the opportunity of a Premier job, when ours may be still months away from settlement.
  6. Guillem Balague really bigging up Rafa for the Everton job….interesting to see how this pans out. Click on feed to get full list of twitter feeds from him on the subject.
  7. Fair comment i suppose but the “Positivity Thread” was set up specifically “This thread is meant to be lighthearted and warming towards our potential takeover...after all there’s not much else positive it the worlds ATM.”……..I think you will find that most people enjoy going in there to get away from the deep discussion and arguments in this thread…..i guess its not everyone’s cup of tea, but it wasn’t set up for deep thinking and insider knowledge😀
  8. You’re right it was the WSJ not NYT…right country, wrong media 😀
  9. Casting my mind back to the start of it all….It was an article in the NYT that first got my attention to the possible takeover…..Then i believe an article broke in the Sun re the takeover and of course we all said “yeah but it’s the Sun”….then not much later all hell broke loose when details appeared at Company House…Anyway I’m going to be very positive about the latest news.
  10. I might be wrong but I think “THE SUN” broke the story of the takeover in January.......... January 27th, 2020 10:43 am Newcastle’s proposed £340million (A$653m) takeover is reportedly “90 per cent certain” after a shell company created by Amanda Stavely has been registered to facilitate the deal. The Sun reported how Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is in talks to buy the club in a consortium including billionaire brothers David and Simon Reuben.
  11. Jinky Jim

    Rafa Benítez

    Total Bollocks…..Never trust the Turkish Media…..its worse than “teamtalk”
  12. The Turkish media never get anything right….It’s all like “Teamtalk” or “Football365” over here.
  13. You’re welcome to start your own “safe space thread”😁
  14. Thought this thread was for discussion whichever side of the takeover you’re on….its not exclusive to either thinking…..whilst the other thread is for the relief of us positive idiots to indulge in happy times😁…..if we don’t use this thread for discussion of both attitudes then there is nowhere to go to indulge our opinions. I quite like this thread because I can view both viewpoints and make up my own mind on where I believe the takeover stands.
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