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  1. There were too many questions on the latest development, for both sides of the argument to come up with their own spin on it. I couldn’t argue with the thoughts of the doubters as they may well be proven correct, however for me, there is enough in these developments to keep me firmly in the positive camp….i wait over the next few weeks/perhaps month and expect more to come out about the recent events.
  2. I have no evidence either side of the argument but i just don’t see this weeks developments as a major setback. a) Why has MA and PL agreed to the movement of arbitration till 2022 b) if this was as negative as everyone suggests then why has MA and his media team not made a big fuss/issue about it c) 6 months seems a long time to delay Arbitration…..perhaps MA has a good reason for delaying it for so long……I’m not privy to the reasoning but it seems a strange length of time. d) If the takeover was really “dead” then perhaps we would have heard from AS/Reubens/PIF by
  3. Showing my thickness here…and last question…..Why is there a hearing over jurisdiction…Surely the Judge(S) or whoever arbitrates CAT, only need to look at both responses to the jurisdiction case and make a decision as to whether CAT has the right to deal with the case….or is that too simplistic.
  4. So does that mean we have to wait x amount of time for a hearing to decide on the jurisdiction issue…then if the hearing goes against the PL and CAT can go ahead then we have to wait,again, x amount of time before the CAT hearing goes ahead……Is this the timeframe
  5. In October 2011, she married British-Iranian financier Mehrdad Ghodoussi, in a ceremony held at West Wycombe Park in Buckinghamshire. Staveley lives in Dubai and has a house in London's Park Lane.
  6. I’ll try and avoid the worst of the itk’s,though i still get excited when some tasty titbit appears……totally understand people just giving up and getting angry at the whole saga…
  7. We’ve not heard the last of this story…..I’m sure more will come out and perhaps a “glint of light” to keep us still interested on the takeover…..I’ve not given up just yet, though i can understand everyone’s frustration and anger
  8. Merely guessing here, but perhaps Ashley’s camp have not kept Amanda’s camp in the loop, for whatever reason and Mehrdad, is trying to put 2 and 2 together.
  9. I’m not giving up yet…..i believe(IMO) there is more to this story than what is coming out in the press……perhaps Ashley is banking on his CAT case as a more successful way of beating the PL…..I’m too far down the line to pack in the hope of the takeover.
  10. Well I’m bucking the trend, and still think there’s more to come with this story…….I don’t know why, but I’m remaining just slightly positive( wait now for lots of abuse) that Ashley has decided that Arbitration is not the way forward and CAT will be a quicker and more successful avenue….whether PIF will stay around that long, i suppose time will tell………Bring it on🤪
  11. Where was that…didn’t see it…..Anyway i still don’t believe this will be the last we hear about the matter(and I’m not including ITK tweets as you put it)….and NO I don’t know what to expect, but hope for more background info.
  12. Feel there is more to come out……..whilst not being positive in any shape or form, i am waiting for the full story behind this latest news…All we have is a statement telling us arbitration will be delayed till 2022……..Mehrdad Ghodoussi twitter statement “There’s only one party playing games here” seems to infer that the PL are stalling…..Will be interesting over the next day or so to see if there is any comment from Ashley’s side…….There must be more to this story than what we are being fed……for instance why 6 months before start up of Arbitration…….I’m not being positive but nor am i giving up
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