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    2 left from the original 11…Bobby Charlton and Geoff Hurst(Sir)
  2. Sorry Optimistic…..Badly put….Didn’t mean to be Rude…..Trying to explain that Rumour had been around for a while…Must double check my posts in future
  3. google it….Express and Sun have had reports of the transfer 2 weeks ago.
  4. We could well have stayed up last season without Wood and saved £25M….however we really don’t know what effect his signing had on Howe’s tactical plan and whether relying on Gayle would have proved to be just as successful….What I do know is that £25M is a price worth paying for our survival last season, one we may or may not have achieved if we didn’t gamble on his transfer. He may now be a bit redundant and 3rd choice in the pecking order, but I for one, am glad we went along the road in his transfer. He won’t get any stick from me, as he’s highly unlikely to make that many appearances for the rest of the season….I’m just grateful that with Wood in the team last season we not only survived but nearly finished in the top half of the table.
  5. Apologies Mazzy………Seems you were right about the go ahead for this deal was Monday, after news of the Wilson injury.
  6. What is interesting IMO is that these negotiations have probably been going on for a while, at the same time we’ve been negotiating a deal with Watford as well. Either we are still interested in both or the Watford deal was a second option if the Isak deal failed.
  7. I don’t think a deal like this is done in 48 hours…..My guess is it’s been planned and researched for a while and negotiations were set up last week….injury to Wilson just a coincidence.
  8. Another good reason to perhaps take a chance and bring in 3 top, if relatively expensive, new signings……It may happen, just have to wait and see.
  9. Before I start, it’s not my intention to have a go at our owners. It’s been a breath of fresh air seeing all the work they are doing behind the scenes, to make our club be part of the community again and potentially fighting it out in the top half of the PL. I do however think there might be an opportunity missed this season if we don’t strengthen further…..Striker, RW and another midfielder is a priority IMO. Positions 11-8 are up for grabs with what we already have, but we should be focusing on 5-7. Strengthen the areas mentioned and I believe we can compete with Arsenal,West Ham and ManU…it’ll be a long season and without a strong squad with good cover for all positions, we might struggle over 40 odd games. I know there has been a lot of talk about FFP, and I don’t think we really know what real effect this is having on transfers, but I think we need to take a bit of a gamble financially and get players of decent caliber for the positions. A strong season with potential to get 6th/7th would have a big impact on next years transfer targets. A steady season getting us into top 10 might just make it that bit harder to attract players on the next level to what we are looking at. Now of course, it’s still very early in the transfer market and we may find that our owners will come up with the investment, and bring in a few more players. Even if we don’t introduce any new signings the infrastructure set up will over time develop the club into a regular top 5/6……BUT I would love us to have a go at challenging the elite in the PL next season or at least give them a bit of a shock…..So I wait, as we all are, over the next month to see if we are active in the transfer market which will show us where our owners are hoping to be next May…..BRING IT ON.
  10. ‘Former Manchester United forward Jesse Lingard, 29, is considering a move to Saudi Arabia where he could earn £10m per year. The England player's United contract expired last month.”…….Probably bollocks, but an interesting way of getting Lingard without paying all his wages….Whichever club he might go to in SA, then loans him to us whilst paying some of his wages…..perhaps a swop loan with gayle🤪
  11. On tonight’s local news (East Midlands Today)…..The Sports News from Derby indicated that Ashley had put down £50 million to the administrators as an indication that he was keen on buying the club and ground.
  12. Late 60’s early 70’s supporters would to the match just to see his match day nutmeg and then go home happy that they had been entertained 😎
  13. Wyn Davies was the ultimate No 9…Big,Strong and a nightmare to play against.Remember when Inter Milan came across him in the Fairs Cup…About 1970….They couldn’t cope with his aerial dominance and in the end resorted to just kicking him…he’d just get up and laugh at them…….A close 2nd was Tony Green…He only played 33 games for the toon before a cartilage problem ended his career…..but those 33 games were magic……Took on Giles and Bremner when Leeds were at their prime and dominated them both in midfield…what a player.
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