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  1. And Darlow was one of the subs……….That’s 30% of our present squad have been around for 6 years……So much for building a team for the PL
  2. Spot on…I’ve been saying for months that this area is our biggest weakness…we don’t need a new CM we need a new midfield…minimum of 3 players this month(doubt it will happen)….solve this area and the defence will have cover and the forwards will have support.
  3. For 2 years I remained highly optimistic that the takeover would happen even during the dark days. October 7th will be etched into history…… 7 games had gone in the season and I looked forward to a quick rise up the table, even with our squad, a fruitful January transfer month and never again have to worry about relegation….so what has gone wrong…….There will no doubt be excuses and reasons behind our dismal performances both on and off the pitch…..I’ll offer one glaring reason……A MANAGER…..I’m still hopeful that Eddie will eventually see us through this season without relegation, but let’s be
  4. I fail to see why any decent player would join us at the moment…yes we have the potential, but I don’t think that is enough for most players who seek instant gratification. One look at the table reveals relegation and the championship next season…do players really want that…I fear we made a huge mistake months ago dilly dallying with a new manager appointment which has greatly affected our January transfer window…Our only chance IMO is the hope that PIF will throw the Cheque book into the ring……try and get 6 more players 2 CB’s, 3 Midfield and a Forward……However who would come and would PIF re
  5. Spot on here……PIF’s biggest mistake is not throwing money at a new manager.There we’re plenty out there available…..Offer silly money and a vision and my guess is plenty would have bitten…..but it needed to be done within the first 2 weeks of takeover. A good manager is far more important than at £60m new player, but he needed to be in immediately…. I fear the new consortium has made their biggest error in this field…..let’s hope I’m wrong.
  6. It’s Duncan Castles article……take it with a pinch of salt…he don’t like us🤪
  7. If Wilson is out for 4 months then it’s pointless using up one of our squad spaces for him just for the last month….it might then create a space.
  8. Both…..You must play if you have 13 players and a goalkeeper available
  9. Fuck it….Keep Dubs and Wilson….sell everyone else and buy a complete new team😀
  10. Good point….the question is which spine will provide us with the best chance to pick up 25 points post January…..A stronger defense would be the sensible option, I just don’t like the idea if playing the rest of the season with our dreadful midfield.
  11. Totally agree, though I suspect 2 new defenders at best, and for me, a minimum of 2 midfield…..all wishful thinking though as we know that January is a notoriously difficult month to buy and if we cannot get players in earlier enough we could find ourselves with a new team but only 12 games left to utilize them…….A nervous transfer window beckons
  12. So you think we can survive the rest of the season with Shelvey and one other midfield player……I like your optimism and perhaps that is what will happen, but personally I hope for a complete new midfield.
  13. That frightens me a bit…….As bad as our defense is, we’ve still got the same crap midfield we had since championship days, bar Willock, who we know is not the answer to our problems….for me priority must be at least 3 new midfield players and get rid of all our current midfield(Willock excepted)….We also need support for Wilson(who won’t last the whole season) so at least 1 more cf/forward needed……then prioritize a couple of defenders.
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