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  1. Chelsea have spent only 5m less than the whole of the bundesliga 不
  2. Feeling they have tried once more for maddison.. don't know why I feel that 不
  3. Huge gamble spending 40m on a player that won't wanna be there if they get relegated.
  4. Chelsea taking the FFP on ..and im liking it
  5. Gaztoon

    Anthony Gordon

    How big is Pope or how small is tripps 不不
  6. Liverpool will find some money from somewhere and sign mitoma.. can see it know
  7. Imagine that not being 2 reds at anfield for brighton players 不不
  8. Should have 2 reds here liverpool
  9. Price you would imagine drops with every window though.. so this one would be the best they get.
  10. Is this the only window they have to get some money for him ?
  11. Well this is turning into a decent Friday night.. Great news this
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