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  1. The difference is massive mate. Here's the Brazils women's team with women's players if the year involved getting beat off an under 16s club side. Just no point in comparing everyone knows men are going to be stronger/faster etc. What matters was the game was good to watch. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sportbible.com/football/news-gremio-mens-under-16s-beat-brazil-womens-national-team-6-0-20210113.amp.html
  2. They wouldn't beat any mens teams way down into lower non league teams, it's pointless and unfair to compare.
  3. Well thanks I was obviously joking about the celebrating with the tits out comment but it was a canny nice moment, I enjoyed the game and I'm happy for them the standard was higher than I expected.
  4. Celebrating with their tits Is what did it for me If that's gives you an even lower opinion 😅
  5. Why not just enjoy the win and not compare it to the mens which it isn't comparable to.
  6. Haha lighten up man you big tart I've enjoyed the game and owa the moon for em.
  7. He'll put a transfer request in tomorrow he'd have done it today but his agent has Sundays off as he plays snooker down the club.
  8. Means we'd have Werner, Wood and even Joelinton to cover for Wilson and also gives us a great option across the front 3 be a great signing.
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