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  1. He's a liability and no one should make any excuses for him the villa fans nicknamed him calamity clark for a reason. The Norwhich game should have been the end of him, could still.be the difference in us staying up or not.
  2. If he's there and fit he will start we don't have the luxury of easing players in.
  3. He can tackle, break up play and also play a forward pass. Think centre midfield should be our number one priority and sorting that position will also improve our defence.
  4. If this doesn't go through I'm well and truly in the huff and won't be following any more transfer rumours haha.
  5. Absolutely massive if this goes through man, think this one could be the difference between staying up or not.
  6. Think I've just seen him stumble out of Heaton Buffs singing the Blaydon races must be a done deal.
  7. Got two internationals before the Everton game, guaranteed Injury isn't it ?
  8. Place is becoming worse than that with the constant negativity.
  9. Must be the plan to unveil 5 signings at once on Saturday?
  10. Bed wetter central on here this morning like that's us down cos Watford have appointed Roy Hodgson. Hilarious.
  11. Hate these more than any other team in the league, would love it if they went down.
  12. Aye good job this place isn't a true representation of our fan base.
  13. Aye but not as clear cut as people have been making it past week or so, city getting beat against Southamptom and will have Liverpool still to play as well.
  14. Could yet be a twist in the title race like Liverpool have two games In hand.
  15. Think we can get by with out a left back tbh although it would be nice obviously, priority for me is a centrel midfielder and centre half. After that another striker with a bit pace.
  16. Real possibility of Everton getting dragged into this now like.
  17. Do us all a favour and stop in the house then as well.
  18. Said in the match thread but Wilson has also had games like that this season where he's went missing and has contributed very little. Give him a chance and see in 5 games or so.
  19. Need some one like him to come into our midfield, no idea who mind haha.
  20. Perfect timing man, same good results around us and now a break and time for signings who are more likely to come now. Fucking get in man absolutely massive that.
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