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Deja vu


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Well, already it appears the dressing room unrest has began if the papers are to be believed. But, this for me is only the stem of a re-occuring problem, when the roots stem from something that can be seen even from the shepherd era.


cast your minds back, liverpool sack gerard houllier, the club appears in turmoil, therefore the board sits down, they pick the best man in europe for their job, and they become determined to get him, as well all know, this is rafa benitez, and he subsequently takes them to european glory, however, a team on the same level, newcastle united, go for graeme souness, and lose years of ground on them.


Now, tottenham hotspur were in turmoil, they took their time, and ensured they took ramos, where as we bottled it, and ended up with a tactically inept cheque book manager in a league where we arent cheque book strong. Looking at how things are, and history, it seems only inevitable that the same will happen again, we are close to a good tottenham team, but again, look set to lose ground due to our inability to pick up a top class manager

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