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Leak of champions league draw???


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Dont know if this has been posted already but it seems some scouse bast*rd predicted the champions league draw 2 hours before it went out live on tv (odds of doing that near 200/1) and all the bookies stopped taking bets 1 hour before hand, possibly earlier if what the people on their board are saying is true.


It stinks of conspiracy and the press have got the story running now. Would be crazy if UEFA the lead governing body was bent!


Check the post out on the liverpool echo board:





Posted: Fri Mar 14, 2008 10:28 am    Post subject: Possible leak of draw   




Rumour going around draw has been leaked..... this is no doubt rubbish but if Rumour is true it's LFC - arsenal and Chelsea - fenerbache and manure v roma

No bookies will take bets on the draw either.......

Let the draw commence. Comeeee on!



and some other scouse monkey who reported it a day beforehand:




And the stories in the press:





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