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  1. Actually not a bad shout
  2. Just finished maid. Crying my eyes out Such a good watch
  3. You know that will happen though. and they won’t be ‘supporting’ the regime in their thick heads so it’s not worth stressing about -
  4. tgarve

    Steve Bruce

    Bbc football daily podcast Don’t listen to it Kevin Nolan and wood gate “ Steve Bruce having his 1000th game - sign of a successful manager, kept his dignity etc etc “ bollocks
  5. tgarve

    Steve Bruce

    Disrupt the fact we have a game. take emotion out of it and it’s not that weird a decision
  6. tgarve

    Steve Bruce

    They clearly haven’t like. They are just making a decision it’s best not to disrupt things with no new manager ready yet
  7. tgarve

    Steve Bruce

    Aye my thinking is I’m disappointed but they are thinking of the bigger picture and you can’t knock them for thinking disrupting the management and coaches before an important game without a replacement yet is a bad idea
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