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Important Information For The Mongs.

Crumpy Gunt

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Guest marky555

Get your head out your arses. Who are you to say they're not proper fans? Fair enough some of them may not be, but not all of them. They're venting their anger and if they want to do it by going to the ground then so be it. Do you think every 'fan' is like you Beyewatch?

And if you're referring to the kids that are up there, I'm sure you were such a sensible, well educated, respectable kid who would never do anything like that.

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Who are you taking to the mongs are outside SJP, I doubt they have a blackberry to read this.


So you think SSN will be packing up their gear and going home tonight do you? Over the next week there'll be ample opportunities for the low intelligence mafia to give us all a cringeworthy time of it.

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Doing the right thing? Jumping around, smiling at the camera and drinking White Lightening or whatever it's called? They have the right idea but they are just so cringeworthy it's beyond belief, I bet most only go so they can say they were on the telly. Cunts.

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