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  1. Pretty sure it was Bolton away, I remember seeing the footage on YouTube. EDIT: it is aye, search Peter Reid Newcastle Fans. Dunno if I’m allowed to post it or not.
  2. The fact we hoyed 4 points away against them and gifted them 2 to is harder to swallow now like.
  3. Danh1


    They’ll pretend it doesn’t count, because we bought it and didn’t earn it “the proper way”. Really hope that we pass their 6 league titles at some point in my life. I think that, the 9-1 win in 1927 and having a bigger record attendance are the three things they cling on to. Bunch of absolute mentalists.
  4. Danh1


    They’re in absolute meltdown like, and this is us in the relegation zone with two wins since May. I have said it before, but how bad is it going to hit them if we become successful?
  5. It'll be PIF having some executive representation on the board.
  6. https://www.grandoldteam.com/forum/threads/vitor-pereira.114328/ Not happy at all.
  7. Followed by 4th round weekend, with a number of PL and Championship clubs knocked out resulting in 2 weekends off. Completely bizarre scheduling.
  8. Danh1


    The OP says that it was caused by Portsmouth fans singing before the match. How very dare they?! The away day experience at Sunderland compared to Newcastle is like a different world. Be interesting to see what Cambridge fans think when they visit Chickentown.
  9. Danh1


    https://www.readytogo.net/smb/threads/bit-of-bother-before-the-portsmouth-match.1569956/ Surprisingly we didn’t get the blame until post #18.
  10. I didn’t either if it makes ya feel better!
  11. To be fair there was only someone making a few snide comments, nothing over the top or abusive. In fairness to him, it isn’t like he’s celebrated our goal or been OTT. I was in the home end at the SOL when we won 1-4, was only about 15 and bricking it so I was mute. Would probably celebrate now and get my heed kicked in.
  12. The other part of the song “bring on ya Hearts, ya Hibs….etc”. Another that gets sang on the away day buses but not in the ground.
  13. Songs like that always (or used to when I went regularly before corona) get an airing on the bus to/from away games. Shame they don’t make it into the ground.
  14. https://book.nufc.co.uk/en-GB/categories/Home Tickets Dates are on there mate. I’m a member so can get tickets earlier if you want any help with it, feel free to drop me a PM when you’ve decided etc.
  15. You should be sound getting them for a home game, but just make sure to get them soon after they go on General Sale if you’re wanting to be in the Gallowgate, as they sell very quick. Away tickets seem to never go on general sale these days.
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