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  1. Aye this is the first real sort of confirmation we’ve had. I don’t see why they didn’t just put the usual queuing system in place for period 4 fans instead of getting thousands more people than required to enter a pointless ballot. Makes me doubt that the information is true if I’m honest, not saying TP made it up but more the BO being useless.
  2. I read one of them “we respect him more”, coming from the fanbase that sang about him being senile and how it’s a beautiful day to spend a Saturday watching Bobby Robson pass away. The phrase “ashamed of nothing, offended by everything” is apt for the scruffy bastards.
  3. MUFC 1-1 NUFC in terms of cringeness before the final. Hopefully we can keep churning out embarrassing flags with Bobby Robson’s ghost on to get ahead before the final.
  4. Cheers LFEE, would appreciate that. Be glad when next Tuesday is over and everyone can start looking forward to the occasion.
  5. My mate raised this point when we were discussing as to whether we should enter the ballot on Saturday together or individually. I said individually, but he made the point that the NUFC ticket website doesn’t like leaving single tickets, and maybe we should enter together. In reality it’s impossible to know what would give a better chance but I’m sick of thinking about it.
  6. Glad I’m not the only one whose first thought was this.
  7. What is it with our fans? The worst thing about it all is the people in the comments asking where he got it, so they can get their designs done too.
  8. Me and my mate are gonna book a table somewhere I think. See what the crack is next Tuesday re getting a ticket. Shame there isn’t any fan park (that I’m aware of) and the pubs near Wembley aren’t allowed to show it.
  9. P1 can wait yes. from .com - If you have linked accounts using friends and family and they are eligible to purchase tickets during periods 2 or 3 you can wait until their sales period starts so you can select seats together. You must have purchased your tickets by 8am on Thursday 9 February
  10. Wouldn’t trust the cunts me, pay £100s to rock up and it’s a snide.
  11. Danh1

    Christian Atsu

    He could’ve added that to the first tweet like. Hope it’s true either way man, not just him but all of them. Horrible.
  12. Just stand with them anyways. Surely people aren’t going to be arsey and everyone will be stood anyways, like a standard away game.
  13. Danh1

    Christian Atsu

    Fuck sake, praying that he and others are found safe and well. I recall from his time here that he would always send money back to his homeland to help the poor. Always seemed a good bloke.
  14. I reckon it’ll go to period 5 and sell out there. Did think they’d possibly keep some back like they do for league games for other periods, but apparently that isn’t happening. Fair enough really.
  15. Man City have been shite as well, wish they were this bad against us.
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