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Anil Ambani Songs...


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Just thought I'd make up a few humourous songs in case he takes over.... :razz:



We got Anil Ambani

He brought some Cobra beer

and when he came to St James'

he got a massive cheer!

He took over from Ashley,

He spent some of his cash,

but after one of his curries,

I really had to dash!



Chicken Balti Pie,

Chicken Balti Pie,

Chicken Balti,

Chicken Balti,

Chicken Balti Pie!!


Anil Ambani

Anil Ambaniiiii,

He saved us from Ashley,

he makes lush Jalfrezi,

Anil Ambani...


Ambani is a Geordie,

he wears a Geordie hat,

and when he saw Bigg Market,

he said I fancy that,

We've got a koh-i-noor there,

a golden Bhengal too,

Ambani just said "fuck that!",

"I'll gan and buy the toon!"

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That was terrible.
































Everyone knows Ambani prefers rap.


(Come on, beatbox for me...)




There's only one Anil Ambani,

He's Indian, he ain't no Afghani.

Strolling into the stadia like the figure of Gandhi

He don't take no heat from the media coz they be pansies.


And when the chips are down

He pulls out his gat

3 points in the bag

And the referee laid out flat.



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