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Mike Ashley just take what's on offer and go


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This club is only going to sink further in to depression the longer you are here and it is only going to do more damage both on and off the field.


We have no manager, no motivation and no direction. The inevitable media circus that has followed this club since you're arrival has been unbearable. If someone is offering you £200m for the club just take it and wash your hands of us. The days of us feeling apathetic about the team and watching insipid performance after insipid performance were supposed to be over when Keegan came back and now it's worse than ever. You're casting too much of a shadow over this club and it can't possibly move on until you leave. The longer you leave it, the more the damage may be irreversible.


Meh I know he's not going to read it but I hate feeling this way about the club I love. Feeling like there's no hope what so ever.

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Guest Alan Shearer 9

I've washed my hands of the club, support Man City now. May as well make the most stupid post possible to fit in with the rest of the idiots.

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Guest Stephen927

If the football continues the way it has, it's in his best interests to sell. Without a proper manager in place we'll only get worse and as such the value of the club will decrease and theres no way he'll get the amount that he's supposedly asking for.

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Ashley or not, we are in a relegation battle.


IF our manager was still here, i think we may have beat Hull and got something today. But, as it is, we are a complete shambles.


i dont think we're in a relegation battle after 4 games.


its not quite a relegation battle yet but we could be bottom of the league this time tomorrow and with no significant hope of improvement at the moment. things a certainly looking bleak.

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