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  1. I think it's entirely reasonable to support strikes and believe everyone deserves/needs a pay rise with the cost of living increase, and also believe that Christmas should be left alone for families to be together for the first time in recent years where there's been little joy in people's lives.
  2. Need a European Super League style exodus of all the big teams from Fifa after this world cup. Start fresh with a new organisation.
  3. Rashford > Saka Henderson > Maddison At half time. Then later Wilson on.
  4. His anti-football tends to do well in the knockout stages, hence why he continues to fool people.
  5. "We know Gareth has been practising set pieces hoping for one chance" Brewsey/The King would be dying of pride.
  6. Fuck sake. A year of Howe ball has made shit football unwatchable to me.
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