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  1. Would have been one of the strangest goals I've ever seen that.
  2. Said it for a while now. It's too late. The failure is too baked in at this point.
  3. I feel better after reading that. If he really is as familiar with our squad as that suggests.
  4. We have a very useless squad of losers who should not be playing at this level. We can't change that until at least half way through the season. Being the only team without a win after 11 games is hugely embarrassing and I don't think it will get better until it is too late.
  5. Good luck to him After wasting nearly 1/3 of the season It's going to be an almost impossible task now.
  6. Even Norwich have. a win now.
  7. After all that came out from the CAT case I put nothing past those bastards any more.
  8. It really is vital we stay up because I am worried the PL (or their puppet masters the big 6 and BeIn) will pull some kind of shenanigans to ensure we never get promoted again even if we win the Championship.
  9. I hope he does mate. That said I can't fake any excitement about his appointment.
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