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  1. Slaps on the wrist, community service and fines. Good ol' CPS.
  2. Social media has become one of the great cancers of society.
  3. Growing up with Keegan and Robson as well as the England 96 team it really is hard to stomach negative football. We've been plagued with it, especially at Newcastle since Souness onwards. It's especially jarring when your team actually has a wealth of attacking talent that never sees the light of day. I always follow the Keegan philosophy of defending by attacking. Negative football requires too much luck to win, and we don't have it.
  4. Apparently it was the gate crashers who were violent towards police and stewards to get in originally. Just a shit show all round and exactly why you don't watch England live.
  5. Better team on the day but when you look at our attacking options, Southgate has a lot to answer for why we asked so few questions of their defence.
  6. Yeah that appears to be the context. None the less...
  7. He sat back and watched us get battered for the majority of the game without changing anything. Mind you at least he didn't play 2 left backs like a certain King, though technically he did play 2 right backs.
  8. 100% as he reduced the odds of not fucking it up without doing all the unnecessary bullshit before taking it.
  9. Inches away doesn't win trophies. Take a sensible penalty next time.
  10. Have to question what Rashford was thinking though. The bizarre straight run up and then the stuttering. Looked nervous as fuck and Donurrama was probably laughing his bollocks off when he saw those shenanigans as he'd be thinking "this guy doesn't know what he's doing".
  11. He's definitely someone who gets a harsh rap on here (Mackem and all) but he definitely steps up for England every time.
  12. Says more about the mentality of the senior players who hide behind the kids when it's really time to be counted. Yee yee ass cunts.
  13. Oh well. Losing on penalties in the final is a step closer I guess. Horrible performance tonight.
  14. 96 and 97 - Second in the PL 98 and 99 - FA Cup runners up Not alot in my life time, but I've been there. Hopefully we won't be dog shit like our two FA Cup finals.
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