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  1. Probably a daft question but does anyone play Fortnite?
  2. This time next week we’ll have a decent idea.
  3. When he is his quarantine up?
  4. they just knew each other’s game so well, was class to watch.
  5. What type of football does he have Rangers playing?
  6. Absolutley must get one or two top quality centre midfielders otherwise we're down.
  7. First game since I binned my season ticket (Rafa’s last season), buzzing, can’t come quick enough. Imagine the take off if we win man…
  8. Looking forward to Howe getting a hold of this lad and hopefully being able to get the others to create some room for him.
  9. If there’s 2 points in it aftwr the next round of fixtures , Howe in place, I’ll feel a lot more confident
  10. it wasn’t even the worst this season 😂
  11. But at the same time, i'm sure there were plenty of period over his 4-5 years where things did go wrong and he did change them and they did work. Maybe he'd just ran his course, injuries, stale, whatever. But i dont think we can just look at one priod at say it went wrong and he done nothing, thats suggesting everything went right 100% of the time previously which of course wouldnt be the case.
  12. If people don’t think Howe wants to play good attacking football, go watch a couple of his interviews online. Constantly talks about attack beinf best form of defence, wants to score lots of goals, attacking football is ingrained in him. only difference between him and Bruce saying it is that he actually seems to be able to coach. get a DOF who will give him some decent players and I think he’ll do ok. Hopefully get more out of ASM and Almiron too
  13. enjoyed the 5-7 minutes 👏🏻
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