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  1. exactly my thoughts, seems to be rushing things more than usual, wasn’t as composed. Had some really lovely touches but gave the ball away needlessly at times and was bullied on the ball a couple of times which is really unusual for him. He was still involved loads though and clearly made an impact, just needs to settle down a bit.
  2. Not nufc specifically but does anyone know where I can get official name/number printing done?
  3. He wasn’t like, go back and watch it, amount of times he broke up play and gained control, spread the play, he was class. Might not have been a stand out by his high standards but he was very very good.
  4. First half he was unreal, amount of times he broke play up and picked a pass. The bloke is an artist.
  5. Thought I was going mad …
  6. Elliottman


    I thought TG was bordering on being disrespectful to be fair, Fury clearly looked he couldn’t be arsed anyway but TG didn’t need to go on the way he did despite a lot of it being true.
  7. Is this the interview that was on tonight at 7? I thought there was a proper one on?
  8. Howe said burn came in when targett was poorly and we’ve been winning ever since so burn has earned the spot. Good competition. Targett will get plenty of games.
  9. He did, went to see him last Sunday at the playhouse. He was invited to the first game but didn’t want to take away from the occasion. He’s been invited back and would love to talk to the players about the city, the history etc just seems if not when. Was on good form, he’s 72, he probably has fell out of love with the game a bit, you can’t blame him , it’s changed massively from his day. But he was bubbly, seemed to be enjoying life and was on good form. Probably had enough stories to do a 10 hour stint.
  10. going to Saudi for half season pre season
  11. Elliottman


    Its a very decent card, I wouldn't go as far as incredible, not for me anyway. Like Oliveira a lot and really hope he can get round what Islam is going to try and do. Sterling / Dillashaw has a lot of potential but imagine Sterling like Islam will take it to the mats. Yan v OMalley is probably the one I'm looking forward to the most. I dunno, prefer the look of 281. Should be good though if I can get a stream
  12. Elliottman


    What a joke, its a decent card but not PPV worthy.
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