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Football Poems


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Personally, I'm a fan of footy videos with football poems being read to mood setting music. So I decided to make this topic for adding your favourite football poems O0


My favourite is the one below, I've translated it personally as it's originally in Norwegian. So if any words don't make sense in the setting, it's 'cause I'm shit, okay?  :pow:


Before the defeat, there was chances. Before the chances, there was hope. Before the explanations, there was a plan. Before the plan, there were hopes for a top half performance.


A massive chance before a penalty. Standing ovations before the boos. A beautiful goal before three against. Before the offside was called, cheers of joy. Before the red card, a yellow. Before the keeper makes a mistake, just a keeper. Before the manager change, full confidence from the board. Before the relegation, a theoretical chance of survival. It's never over, it never ends.


After half time there is a new half, after the second half there is added time. After added time, another few seconds. After the match, another match. After this season, another season. It never ends, it's never over. Another shot, another tackle, a new forward, a new year.


Before the defeat, there were chances.


If you for some reason want to watch the video of it since footy vids are banned on here, just go to the site that starts with you and search "før nederlaget" and choose the first video.

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Guest Stephen927

habib beye im here on the mic

creating goal scoring chances is what i like

i play for the toon and im now a geordie

ive got bare skills like jordi

cryuff, not johan hes to good

habib beye comes straight out the hood

ur a badger, beyeeeee, ur a goat

its fuckin cold up north i need a coat

with a mic and a ball im jus too skilled

and lyrically u jus got killed

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