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Freddy gives out shirts for seamen


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Sorry a non story really, I just wanted to use that thread title :D




Toon Navy!


THE Toon Army had a visit from the Royal Navy on Friday morning after the HMS Monmouth docked in the Tyne.


Seventeen members of the crew, accompanied by Commanding Officer Tim Peacock, visited St. James' Park where they were given a guided tour of the stadium before meeting Chairman Freddy Shepherd.


Mr Shepherd presented the crew with Newcastle shirts, with HMS MONMOUTH emblazoned across the back.


CO Peacock said: "This is a very special visit for me personally, as I was born in Gateshead and educated at RGS.


"I have followed Newcastle since the 1970s in the Malcolm Macdonald era, and my father Bill is a season ticket holder.


"We're based in Portsmouth at the moment, but I get back for matches whenever my commitments allow.


"There are a few Newcastle fans in the crew as well, and we have Sky Sports on the ship so we can keep up to date with all of the results.


"We thank everyone at NUFC, particularly Mr Shepherd, for allowing us to visit St. James' Park and we wish them well in their game at Arsenal tomorrow and for the rest of the season."


Monmouth has just completed a busy warfare training programme off the South Coast in preparation for a nine month deployment to Australia and the Far East early in the New Year.

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Has anyone seen the bit on SSN's about it?


Jesus.  :lol:


How embarrassing.


'3 Cheers for Freddy Shepherd' In Proper navy drilled style shouts


With Freddy not knowing where to look, slightly raising his hand and waving it embarrassingly like the Queen towards them, quickly glancing at the camera with the look of 'what the fuk is going on? am gonna look like a right dick now!' and trying to get away as fast as he can.







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