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Premier league clubs seething about Newcastle United takeover.


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Why are other clubs more entitled to wealthy owners? Abramovich?  Sheikh Mansour? The “big six” are deluded enough to believe they have some form of entitlement to filthy rich owners. It wasn’t that when they tried to scupper the integrity and morality of football with the super league agreement. Little old Newcastle have now rattled the cages and the big boys are crapping their kegs. We don’t suit their narrative and we honestly don’t give a flying fuck. For example… Daniel Levy is in proper bad fettle. Like, apparently he’s lost his hair. If Tottenham actually had the success they have craved for years (which they have failed fucking spectacularly at) they wouldn’t be languishing in the debt they find themselves in at present. I’d love it if we beat them. Love it. Don’t listen to mackems. They think Amnesty International is an airport.  

I have a message to all our opponents. The utter, shite and bollocks we have had to contend with from every bloody single one of you over the last 14 years. The laughs and the jokes? All at our expense because we had an Incompetent owner. I don’t think a lot of football fans understand what a nightmare of a regime Mike Ashley tenure at Newcastle United had done. He was a cancer that was embedded to the very core of our club and our city. We were a joke. 


Well my friends… Who is laughing now? Let the repairs begin. This black and white Phoenix is rising from the ashes!

Hear yee! Hear yee! Let’s all gan! Kiss ya lass, kiss ya lad and buy a keffiyeh for ya Nan.

The Geordie boys are back in toon! 

Howay the lads! Have a great day! We are the best supporters in the world! 

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