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  1. Wouldn't a bogo just be buying something?
  2. Our average formation is just a blob in the middle of the pitch
  3. Well, 3 minutes of things going to plan is an improvement.
  4. Never seen anyone who looks like a potato as much as Kane.
  5. Not to say he doesn't show up after to go through the bins, like.
  6. I still keep just skipping over this thread
  7. loki679


    It has kind of spoiled the whole 'takeover day', like. Cheers wormy. Nob.
  8. loki679


    The only logical course of action is for HTT to leg it over to the travelodge, kidnap wormy, force feed him cowies, dress him in a pretty ballerina dress and drop him at the door of the Clifton.
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