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  1. Tune in next week for the thrilling conclusion to the toontownman cliffhanger.
  2. That looks ace Bit of gravy and mashed potato and you've got the food of the gods right there.
  3. loki679


    I actually kind of agree with TA1892 on this. The rules were not only a bit stupid, they were very badly communicated and contributed to the spread of the virus.
  4. Made garlic pork fried with green beans for my wife and the kids, they demolished it. I left the fork in the picture for scale just in case any of our less capable members are having problems with perspective and common sense.
  5. loki679


    Anyone playing this? Just started and it seems pretty cool. Lots of resource management which is nice. Managed to get a nice settlement going until some dude ran in, set fire to all my stuff and killed everyone.
  6. Aye, that'll Hertz him. We'll Avis eyes out by the end of the season.
  7. 'Any cash we get would be a bonus' This season's gonna be mint.
  8. https://ukconstitution.gov.uk/
  9. Hoy some pics up in the 'What are you eating?' thread
  10. Chips go brilliant with anything, losers. It's just fried potato
  11. So who gave the order to get the nob squad pushing vaccines then? It's uncanny, the whole right are suddenly on twitter telling people to get jabbed. Maybe they've realised it's their voters who are going to be popping it.
  12. Rice and chips with Indian Chips with everything else
  13. loki679


    I'll answer for Wullie cos I know you like that. 'Only with a clearly defined safeword'
  14. loki679

    Tokyo 2020

    US Women's team got smashed 3-0 off Sweden and screwed my bet. Fucking yanks.
  15. The potatoes aren't that big, it's just a small (6") plate
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