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  1. Alright, well I think he's a horrible little scouse rat and a pretty shit signing but now he's our shit horrible little scouse rat so howay the Gordon.
  2. Just play Murphy or Almiron there if we're going to count right wingers as left backs.
  3. They're pretty good for big posh events from what I've heard. Loads of people say they love Ophelia balls.
  4. Doesn't excite me at all, reckon we could do way better for the money we're paying. Chelsea bidding for him means fuck all either, stick a football shirt on it and they'd bid £20m for my table leg.
  5. I say we go full shithouse and pull out of the deal. Let them deal with the fallout in the middle of their relegation battle.
  6. loki679

    U.S. Politics

    Best thing that could happen would be De Santis to narrowly win the nomination and Trump to run as an independent.
  7. The IT crowd episode 'The Work Outing' is genuinely one of the finest pieces of comedy ever produced. Should be listed up there with the best of them in the pantheon of comedy legend.
  8. loki679


    Aye. Step 1. Cook chips Step 2. Cover them in cheese
  9. loki679

    Job stuff

    She's got a head straight out of minecraft
  10. loki679


    Cheesy chips are fucking banging, mind.
  11. loki679


    Not after Howe stabbed him and ran off with that lass from Howden.
  12. loki679


    Aye, and getting rid of him sorted out his attitude
  13. loki679


    Toney himself said he wasn't ready at the time he was released and dropping down helped make him into a PL player.
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