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Which area of the team should be strengthen in the summer?(top priority)

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I've heard some opinions about how we should buy strikers and midfielders first and that should be our top priority in the summer when it comes to strengthen the team

IMO our top priorities in the summer must be the LB and CB positions.We need at least 2 top class CB's,one top class LB for start.

When we find and sign this players then if they are any money from the transfer budget left then we should try and sign some creative midfielder.Someone who can dribble past players,someone who can score goals,someone who can place the final ball to Owen and Martins.

Only then when we will(eventually) strengthen our defence and sign some good creative midfielder we should be looking for striker-s.

IMO our top priority in the summer should be strengthening the defence...


What about you???

Where is our weak spot in the team? ;D ;D

You can vote for 2 positions

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Guest smoggeordie

Everywhere bar goalkeeper tbh.


We must have top priority though


All of them.

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Guest Reading Fan

I think you should get a new centre back to replace Titus and if you want a left back, Nicky Shorey is the best Left Back in England bar Ashley Cole.


And Shorey is no worse than Cole, he's just different. In many respects he's better than Cole and in other respects Cole is better than Shorey. But Shorey has the best left foot of any left back in England and he creates so many passages of great play from the left back position. His distribution from defence is awesome.


Just don't tell Coppell, I told you about Shorey..... He's supposed to be Readings little secret. Top class performer. Get Sidwell for free, sign Shorey for £5million and then get yourselves a decent centre back. To be honest anybody would be an improvement on Titus Bramble. You could probably raid the squads of any Premiership team and you will find a better CB than Bramble. Even look in the Championship, half the Championship Centre Backs are better than Bramble.


More importantly than improving three positions in the team, the most important role that needs to be improved is that of the manager. Roeder has to go!


Once Roeder is gone, everything will improve rapidly! I hope Freddy doesn't listen to Phil Gartsides remarks that he wants £5mill compensation if anyone goes for Big Sam. Big Sam resigned from Bolton and Gartside accepted his resignation and appointed a successor. Gartside should now leave Sam to get on with things. Big Sam should be appointed as fast as possible so the improvements can start to happen. Big Sam needs time to steady the ship and his work should start immediately!

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Guest JamesD

with taylor the only CB capable of being a premiership starter who will be on our books, has to be that position. after that, LB then RB, and if we have money (or sidwell on a free), CM.

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So thats what RM stands for? Roeder Manager. Can I have a vote back?






I'm not judging any of our players under Roeder. It's like looking at a painting in the dark. I just know the likes of Emre and Zoggy are capable of so much more.


Our biggest priority is left back with smooth distribution and a sexy girlfriend.

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