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Big Sam doesn't convince me...


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First thing's first - I want Roeder and Fat Fred out and I would have Big Sam over Roeder any day.


However I just don't feel he would be the 'right' manager to take us to the level of Man U, Chelski, Liverpool, Arsenal.


Yes he may bring stability to the club, yes he may sign some decent players with a tight budget and yes he may develop a pretty solid backline and we will be a competitive squad...but that's it - we will be competitive but I can't see us winning trophies.


I'm happy for Sam to be appointed, but as a short-term/medium-term manager.  If we are going for the long-haul to compete with the best, where we were and should be, why not go for a world class manager straight away eg Hitzfeld. (i realise it will be very difficult - especially with our status dropping the last few seasons..but it's not impossible. We convinced Owen here right?)


Maybe I'm just overambitious and we need to take things step by step but from what I have seen of Bolton so far, despite their successes Big Sam doesn't convince me as being the man to bring back the glory years.....anyway i predict Roeder will still be here at the start of next season...and get sacked 4-5 games in  :idiot2:

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For me, its starting to get to the point where there are too many threads on Sam Allardyce.


Please can we now stick to a couple threads, because everyone has something to say on this issue, and decent opinions (like the ones mentioned in this thread) will be read, and responded to even if posted in an uber thread.

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