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  1. When the Pl will eventually let these 6 get away with breaking their rules, would we still need to bother with their O&D test, or could we just proceed with the takeover?
  2. The Chris Rock one? I have them all on DVR but haven't jumped in. Curious if they're any good too. Almost done with Narcos: Mexico so might throw Fargo on next. Yeah, it's the Chris Rock one - watched first half of first episode but got bored at left it playing in background, and never gone back to the series. Really enjoyed past 3 series, and watched them couple of time through each, but don't know whether to bother with 4 series. It`s a slow starter and the guy from Gomorra is canny annoying, but all in all it`s still quite enjoyable
  3. Why did Staveley ask fans to complain about the PL's unfair decision if PIF have just walked away? It doesn't make any sense. Then again not much about this whole farce does. I’m going with “They (As & RB) were surprised/disappointed that PIF withdrew and, knowing they had no legal recourse, threw a Hail Mary PR campaign.” This. Towards the end, AS and RB were spectators like the rest of us while PIF struggled with the PL and ultimately pulled out of the deal, My theory: PIF has had enough and walked away. AS (and the Reubens) did not want to give up that easy and tri
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    Mgla - Exercises in Futility
  5. Chlorinated chicken is only one thing, but if food manufacturers would no longer be required to list all ingredients on the packaging of their products, it would potentially have lethal consequences to hundreds of thousands, who live with conditions, such as diabetes in this country.
  6. My brother works in a hotel in Jesmond. He`s just texted me that it is full for St Patrick`s Day
  7. Improved it a bit Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. https://imgur.com/a/g34NMnH
  9. Were you on the long-term plan?
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