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  1. Can anyone summarise what happened with the story linked a few pages back about some lad finding a phone number from Sophie. I got to page 6 then kept saying errror, going really slow and with 69 pages to read I gave up just as it was getting good. Did anyone meet her?
  2. Would rather try and get Botman ilf we're paying £45m plus on a centre back. Surely Lille would crack for that price and we'd have a defender for next 10 years
  3. Could've had 3 penalties at Arsenal. Particularly Schar being pulled back off a corner Leicester won a penalty despite Maddison falling down before he was touched. Brighton got iffy penalty against Clark although that was a 50/50
  4. God a bad feeling Burnley will sneak a 1-0 win here like
  5. Yes you're correct. I wasnt sure so went back to transfer thread 1 on January 9th and it was Edwards and only him who was running with the Chris Wood story so guess he deserves credit for that. Saying he is 'Working on a big story' and just writing an opinion piece the next morning isn't what fans would've been expecting but guess it might have got him some clicks. He's not a bad journo when he's not having meltdowns on twitter and arguing/winding up toon fans.
  6. Is that the big story he was working on? At least once a week tells us he is having a a glass of wine. Cheers Luke. Now could you maybe lget an exclusive once in a while. Always seems to be Hope or Ornstein never him
  7. Pokerprince2004


    If we somehow get 120 on the board there is a small chance of bowling them out as its a tough pitch. Probably too much optimism in me
  8. Pokerprince2004


    England continuing where they left off in Australia. 41-6 after 11 overs. Morgan 9* from 25 deliveries like he's playing for lunch
  9. He just loves being the voice for them. The sad bastard always posts the shite he spouts on twitter onto RTG minutes later so all his mates can like it and pat him on the back. Just an attention seeking arsehole who hates Newcastle so much and has found something to leech onto with regards to human rights. Never a peep regarding human rights before PIF started to show an interest
  10. Dubravka - 8 (looked solid, collected all the crosses) Trippier - 7 (solid) Schar - 9 (thought he was magnificent, so many interceptions) Lascelles - 8 (thought he was playing well until he got injured) Sub Clark - 6 (didnt fuck up) Dummett 5 - Leeds got in behind him so many times. Sub Manquillo 8 - Dont get the hate for him. Always looks decent for us and gets forward. Won free kick which got our goal Shelvey 8 - Looked our most likeliest scorer all match Willock 8 - thought he was poor first half but made up for it with great 2nd half Fraser
  11. 2 quality midfielders and a centre back and we'll look so much better. If we had a good attacking midfielder today we'd be ahead I reckon
  12. If we could get in 2 decent midfielders it would make a hell of a difference. Willock is so fucking slow, Fraser offers nowt either
  13. Not that many more points on the board. Only 3 ahead of Norwich although 2 games in hand. Massive chance foe for us to get a win when we play them week on Tuesday
  14. Honestly think Ranieri should have refused. Shithousery at its finest but could have got it postponed. And its 2-0 Norwich. Goodbye Claudio
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