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  1. Shame as Forest were playing decent stuff and arguably the better team but Man Utd too clinical. Be tough to beat them in the final
  2. Not sure why people are moaning about the VAR there? He definitely looked just offside. Shame but the correct decision
  3. Shame like was a lovely little finish. If that was Willock or Longstaff they'd have skied it
  4. Been at work all day so when I finally logged onto here to see Anthony Gordon's thread jump from 5 pages to 22 pages got to admit my first thought was 'Oh for fucks sake' At least nowt has been agreed
  5. They're playing the best football in England according to RTG
  6. All these signings and they still played Lewis Hall in midfield on saturday (not a dig at him as not really seen him) They must have 10-15 'top' players for midfield and attack. No way they can keep them all happy man
  7. Sure they were the first to break the Dan Burn deal last January as well
  8. Leon Osman said looked a penalty as well but I thought it looked a terrible dive by Grealish. Will have to see a close up replay
  9. Jamie and Amanda always look so cosy. Sure there's some cuckolding going on
  10. Playing well here imo. Palace have been pinned in for a canny bit of this match
  11. Aye I also tend to think this. They'll throw names around until suddenly out of nowhere we'll agree a big deal with someone who nobody had a clue about. Happened with Bruno and happened with Isak
  12. Liverpool 1-0 Chelsea Bournemouth 1-1 Forest Leicester 0-2 Brighton Southampton 1-2 Villa West Ham 1-0 Everton Palace 0-1 Newcastle Leeds 3-2 Brentford Man City 2-0 Wolves Arsenal 3-1 Man United Fulham 1-1 Spurs
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