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  1. Savage shut the fuck up yelping every time Man Utd have a chance. God how I'd love Atalanta to get a winner. Fucking prick
  2. Our soon to be manager... “When we heard Manchester United were interested we were hoping to get around €20-€25million for Fred as he had had such a bad season.” “Two days later, we received a official faxed bid of €60million from United, the room erupted into laughter. I told my assistant to fax back asking for €64million. Next morning a new bid arrived of €64million." “I remember thinking had the World gone crazy, we had better players in our youth team. I ordered my assistant to open a bottle of champagne, it felt like we had won the Lottery.” —Paulo Fonseca (Sha
  3. I find Gibbo to be an outstanding journalist. If you ever listen to him on either Wraith's podcast or the chronicle podcast his knowledge is brilliant even if he is getting on a bit. Has been calling for Bruce to be sacked for ages
  4. Bottom of their champions league group oh dear Atalanta is a nightmare fixture for them as they are an excellent away team. Could be 3 or 4 here
  5. 'He inherited a defensive wall and left behind a pile of bricks' beautifully put once again from Mr Hope. Been an outstanding journalist this last year
  6. Not been watching all of the television coverage today but was wondering has anyone actually critisised Bruce's record at all? I find it incredibe the amount of backing he is getting. If he were at any other club in the league he would have been sacked last January after Sheff Utd, so really he is very lucky to have gotten 2 and a bit seasons. How it is seen that he's been hard done by our nasty fans (weren't even in the ground all of last season) when we are 19th with the most goals against after an 'easy' start just pisses me off
  7. That Bruce 6 home wins is definitely wrong. Beat Man Utd, Chelsea, Everton, Burnley x2, Southampton x2, West Ham, Sheff Utd, West Brom Probably others....
  8. Nah thats definitely wrong. We've won at least 10 off top of my head
  9. I'd give my left nut for us to go out and get the Ajax manager. Just offer him whatever he wants. Unfortunately it looks as though he hasnt been looked at. Whatever happened to Conte rumours? As for Fonseca I know very little about him. If he was so good at Roma why did he leave after 2 years?
  10. Downie confirming that compensation was agreed last night. So fair to say ando7 is 100% genuine ITK
  11. Any existing deals in place are fine and its only new sponsors from today that arent allowed. Its absolute bollocks and obviously just a way to stop us getting money. It was alright for City to be sponsored by Etihad, Arsenal to be sponsored by Emirates, Leicester with King Power, Palace etc etc but when NUFC might get cash an emergency meeting is called and new law put in place to block it 4 minute video on Sky this morning explaining it all
  12. Surely if he has been relieved of his duties earlier today then someone in the media would have leaked something by now. It really is bizarre
  13. Love a good Hopey 10pm evening exclusive Reading between the lines I reckon Hayden is the one who is questioning Bruce's tactics. Already has before on the pitch one match when seen asking bench that nobody knows what they're doing. Bruce also hung Hayden out to dry the other week for Ronaldos goal so there must be some friction.
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