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  1. He clearly hasn't lived up to his supposed potential but my boy had some videos of him on YouTube (I know) last night & he looked decent in the clips from 3 or 4 of his clubs, albeit none of which were from his time at Fulham. Box 2 box, quite skillful, can tackle, pass, shoot, looked quite quick. Fook knows what's happened to him to drop off so much 🤔
  2. On par with the last few months of the season is at least a step in the right direction. I don't think anyone could be worse that Hendrick.
  3. Lemina price tag is now apparantly £8m so no chance he's coming here.
  4. Southampton wanted Hayden, apparently, and were prepared to use Lemina as part of a £12m swap deal.
  5. Loads of talk in the press over the last few days that we wanted Jens Cajuste, who's valued at £13m. Lemina is obviously the cheaper option. Probably zero truth in the Cajuste reports but after reading loads of swedes hyping this kid up as the next big thing signing Lemina instead is now is a bit of a damp squib. Be nice if we got both of them and Willock. 3 midfielders that can actually run would be nice.
  6. I'm sure someone mentioned on here the other day that it had been deactivated.
  7. I honestly think if we'd played Lua Lua when Bellamy got crocked we'd have racked up more points. Not saying we'd have won the league but he'd have definitely been a better replacement than either Cort or Ameobi. We just seemed to go to shit without pace up front.
  8. That's the one mate, cheers. The Mrs has asked a few times but I've never been quick enough to shazam it.
  9. Does anyone know the name of the song that's been played before kick off at quite a few of the matches, including the 2 today?
  10. I thought that might be the case when I had a quick look before. Cheers mate
  11. Was in Newcastle last week and ended up going into a shop on Northumberland Street which is next to Primark. They had a few stands at the front of the store that loads of badgeless retro football shirts made by a company called Campo. Has anyone seen these & know if they're available online anywhere?
  12. A mate of mine is a gooner and he reckons Arsenal have offered Leicester Willock and cash for James Madison.
  13. £5 free bet when you place a bet on England vs Croatia with Sky Bet.
  14. Spurs let me down on 14 fold accumulator for £1731 😡
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