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  1. Pay back for Lampard's disallowed goal in 2010, which was clearly over.
  2. CPL

    Callum Wilson

    Kane did decent. Didn't score obviously but was a nice assist to Sterling and could easily had another. He always comes good in tournaments so you start him for that reason. Selfishly, I don't want Wilson playing too much incase his hamstrings go.
  3. CPL

    Callum Wilson

    That was clever as it drew a defender and gave Shearer a clear shot. Wilson could easily have gone for goal and no one would have argued at 5-1.
  4. CPL

    Callum Wilson

    Am I the only one who was annoyed he didn't shoot? Anyone but Grealish!
  5. Matched them for most parts with a weak 11. Blatant penalty not given for us. Think Murphy got dragged down in the box. Harvertz for away with a wild elbow on Dan Burn despite having his elbow above his head when he jumped for it. Consequently he scored the winner in the last minute causing wild celebrations.
  6. One thing I just remembered towards the end. I was very surprised we didn't just keep it in the corner when we had a corner around the 92nd/93rd minute mark. Joelinton got a lot of stick for crossing the ball at 1-1 against Liverpool in stoppage time when Anderson was free at the back stick. Here, we were actually winning and it did made me wonder what would have happened if they scored.
  7. Agreed! Was totally out of control and looked two footed. Could easily have been a straight red but I’ve not seen a replay yet.
  8. Wonder if Burn was after a bit of retribution from last year when Harvertz elbowed him in the head.
  9. CPL


    Disagree. Pickford is a step up on Pope and more importantly has the big game experience from the last two campaigns. Not sure how you can pick Phillips over Rice if you're going for a holding midfielder.
  10. Showing the finger to Jack Grealish by letting his football do the talking.
  11. CPL

    Sven Botman

    We signed him from Lille 😬
  12. CPL

    Sven Botman

    Probably his worse game for us. Not use to the British rain yet.
  13. Exactly this. He was keeping Bruno out of the squad with his performances from January onwards. Also started the 8 game (I think) unbeaten run with the crucial win against Leeds and definitely deserves it on merit. Hate to say it as he has been a loyal servant but Ritchie should have been sold ages ago. Remember when Miggy was played alongside him on the left and just never seemed to pass to him when he made all those runs. Complete opposite to now alongside Tripps and Bruno, who both trust him and release the ball instantly. Obviously knocked a lot of confidence out of him.
  14. Wouldn't be too annoyed if Murphy starts especially given his recent form. Who would have imagined that after the cup game? ASM would be a great option off the bench against tiring legs and give us a boost if we are chasing a goal. No chance he will be fully match fit after just returning.
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