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  1. On the skysports highlights, around 2.06, when we go 4-0 up, someone shouts,'Oh yes! I do love playing away'. Is that Ritchie?
  2. I'd take him over DCL.
  3. Think this guy deserves a mention in the last few games. He is clearly past his best but definitely better than Lewis at LWB. His attitude and will to win and not to mention his top notch crosses. Made 2 of the goals today and the fact that having him taking the corners over Shelvey is another positive.
  4. Sub Shelvey at half time with him being on a yellow card, the ref will want to even it out.
  5. Longstaff was class second half. Put in some cracking tackles winning the ball back in midfield.
  6. CPL

    Dwight Gayle

    The thing is, if we go down, he is more likely to get a new contract than if we stay up.
  7. CPL

    Jacob Murphy

    Would have the hitting the bar as poor mind, should be hitting the target from 8 yards out, at worst Better than most of the team although that's not saying much.
  8. CPL

    Jacob Murphy

    He needs to start, he hit the bar and set the goal up and nearly got another assist.
  9. CPL


    He didn't play too bad, just his decision making in the final third was terrible. My gripe is that if he isn't a striker, why did he play there all last season?
  10. Created the big chance for Joelinton against Wolves. Can’t believe he didn’t even get any minutes against West Brom.
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