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  1. Watched his highlight clips and his lanky build and technique remind me of a cross between Sammy Ameobi and Ayoze. I am unconvinced he is worth the price (from my own bullshit youtube scouting), and I hope I am wrong.
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    makems have been the better side TBF. Hopefully Wednesday will be able to turn it around next half. Bigger picture - losing the finals or being relegated back to League One would be my first two choices for their fate.
  3. I sincerely hope that everyone going down all these rabbit holes is helping folks process this. I mean that. This is complicated and we all love the club.
  4. Patrick Rothfuss' Doors of Stone is supposedly coming out on July 11 of this year. Just an FYI
  5. Apologies if already asked and discussed before... his name is pronounced Why-Mare-ish right? (That is "Mare" as in "Nightmare.")
  6. He is a genuinely unlikable person. He has never been well liked at any of his past clubs. I suspect he is either a sociopath or a massive dickhead (probably a bit of both). At Madrid not a single player extended a hand out to him to sort him out and so he lived in a hotel the entire time and didn't bother to learn Spanish - that always stood out to me. He had that ONE game where he worked well with Shearer and it was for England, not Newcastle.
  7. This and cancelling parachute payments, I a waiting for an emergency meeting to abolish the January transfer window, but just for this season.
  8. Park the bus, play 5 at the back, rest Wilson (play Gayle up front), and do damage control to our goal difference.
  9. Not to be completely evil, but I think there is also a fourth: good players from other struggling sides. Someone like Kalvin Phillips would improve our squad sure, but him leaving Leeds would be even more crippling for them. Offer him (and similar players in the other bottom 6 or so) a ridiculous amount of money and see what happens.
  10. The likely outcome is a loss with us scoring at least one. So 3-1 or 3-2 to Arse. If we are thinking of past games though, I would love to see a repeat of the December 2001 result with us winning 3-1. Seems unlikely as we don’t have Shearer to knock in a pen and Robert scoring the third on a breakaway. Also IIRC Kanu missed a couple of sitters so the shoreline flattered us in the first half.
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    Charlton and Pompey seem to scare these. Bogey teams marra
  12. Also not happy about Howe. Overrated - as are most British managers.
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