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  1. It was just a one off, I was back row about halfway towards the Gallowgate. It was a novelty and I enjoyed it, but probably agree I wouldn't want to be there all the time.
  2. Aye, I like Milburn L7. A lot of different sections have their benefits and up there it's great for seeing how we're set up tactically and it almost feels like you're watching the entire stadium.
  3. Looking on that City Sky Scrapers forum again someone suggested taking the Aviva Stadium in Dublin as inspiration for encorperating the East Stand It's a cracking thread throughout like, well worth looking all the way through for anyone who hasn't been on it. https://www.skyscrapercity.com/threads/newcastle-upon-tyne-st-james-park-52-405.326386/
  4. Rice is absolute quality imo, don't get what people aren't seeing in him. The only things that make me not give him a second thought for us is his price, how unrealistic it is, and how suitable he is. Imo we can get someone cheaper that's maybe more suitable for us. It all depends on what Howe's thinking is though.
  5. Cannot comprehend going through thinking a family member has been found alive only to be told it was a false alarm.
  6. Could definitely see something like this, maybe with screens at the corners though.
  7. Lloris is unbelievably dodgy but Spurs fans are often adamant that he's quality for some reason. Let's hope they're right and Forster's a clear downgrade.
  8. I love how often it's suggested that the biddies in the East Stand get put in perilous positions
  9. The centre circle Looks great otherwise though. Gonna have to just start saving these on my phone tbh.
  10. You would think/hope that this is where we're aiming for now.
  11. It's a shame we can't have pinned posts within threads because there's already been some gerlden phertershop merments imo
  12. Could be this era's Odeon if it plays untelevised matches.
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