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  1. "showing unfeeling resistance to tender feelings" - literally never come across that word before.
  2. Every single tweet that I've seen from him in this window would very much suggest so, yeah.
  3. Still 5 days of this to go
  4. Guess I'll have to shelve my dreams of labeling opposition strikers 'burn victims' for now then.
  5. Apparently this is what Aulas does. He did the same with Lacazette, Fekir, Ndombele (and possibly others) according to Lyon fans.
  6. If Staveley read the forum at any point over the last month she'll have seen a post about needing a midfielder like, so this is probably all thanks to you.
  7. Total sidenote but I hope the majority of the replies to Romano's tweets are bots. The thought of anyone living their lives in that way is so depressing.
  8. It's in their interests for us to not stay up, so not surprising really. Just pleased they haven't gone for what would have been a ridiculous deal.
  9. Football insider are like F tier aren't they? That's the one problem with NUFC360, they don't have any quality filter for what they forward on.
  10. When you have limited time and resources it can only have been a waste of both really. Personally I'd prefer to go for someone solid and dependable who'll keep us up, then go for our first target in the summer instead of spending huge amounts on our fourth or fifth target now.
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