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    St. James' Park

    Personally, I think Nun Tumblers is great.
  2. By coincidence, I'd just been wondering about his future yesterday. A pity for him he's gonna miss out on some amazing times coming up, but it probably is a natural breaking point.
  3. Don't get me wrong, I totally agree. It was just quite striking how we're pretty much a fresh entity to him. Slightly different because he's English, but contrast with the somewhat older Isaac Hayden who was talking about how he still remembered Newcastle from his youth when he caught the tail end of our European campaigns and still thought of us as being one of the traditional big boys when he came here. Like I say, no problem at all with Botman for that.
  4. Meh, never had a good feeling about this one since January. I back the club in whatever it does, but decisively and emphatically moving on to a host of other prospects seems like the right move to me.
  5. Yes. On a bittersweet note, it's pretty clear he knows more about the PL than NUFC and that's his main driver, though I appreciate him being honest about that. Shows we have some work to do with re-establishing ourselves internationally and in the minds of younger players. I guess he probably wasn't potty trained when Bellamy put Feyenoord out of the Champion's League. That's a battle the owners will have to keep fighting for the next couple of years at least when it comes to winning sought after signings like this guy.
  6. Relieved for them. Hope this guy isn't a wanker in his own right.
  7. That's been a high comedy statement for about 20 years now. Funny how things change.
  8. This is the attitude to have. Target 8th, have ambition of 4th. Yes, we might have rotten luck with injuries and come 10th. On the other hand, we might not. Biggest challenge I see us having, which I don't see people talking about, is the fact we're now a known power. Teams will be happier playing for a draw against us where we could take advantage of them aiming for 3 points last season.
  9. And on the training ground too. The more balanced the in house games will be, the higher standards will rise.
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    Dan Ashworth

  11. Better run run run away to bed.
  12. People comparing him to Dubravka is fair enough but sightly missing the point - realistically, this is about one of them making a huge upgrade on Darlow. We're one bad collision away from him screwing our season up as it stands.
  13. No, Bellamy had a bad time at Coventry. I knew he was good from Norwich, but many were not impressed when we signed him.
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    Emil Krafth

    From this video, I learned Chris Wood doesn't understand the concept of 'unsung'.
  15. 'If' this is true, yeah, I have no problem at all with the club walking away. Personally, I'd rather delay our improvements as a club by a year than be screwed with. It'll set horrible precedents otherwise. Plenty more fish in the sea, there'll be clubs we learn we like dealing with (Brighton?) and clubs we learn to avoid.
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