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  1. The premier league and Mike Ashley have killed the club. What’s to even care about at this point?
  2. I have to echo everyone’s sentiments. The premier league are a disgrace for this. The purpose of the fit and proper persons test was to safe guard against clubs being made insolvent due to poor financial management. This clear wouldn’t be a factor for us giving the financial clout involved.
  3. Crypto is essentially gambling. hope nobody here has allocated too much to it.
  4. It’s quintessential Ashley NUFC. we should be grateful we were even informed
  5. If it’s not it doesn’t rile up the base!
  6. They are basically the mike Ashley of politics. will it cost anything? Tick will it make fellow gammons happy: tick Get it announced!
  7. They don’t care about any of that. They care about power and being in power. Unity bringing the country together etc are subjects they have absolutely zero interest. As always, they will take care of the haves and let the have nots tear each other to shreds.
  8. Not defending the Tories as I loathe them but I feel the old generation such as major and such are completely out of touch with modern politics. to be clear, without the cultures wars, brexit racism and division what exactly would they have to offer? johnson and his pack of cronies understand this and will continue down the path of no shame until his multiple nests are feathered.
  9. Same fans that boo people for taking a knee aren’t racist in the slightest
  10. If true, no chance Ashley turns that down.
  11. If they can acquire assets. And that’s a big IF.
  12. Couldn’t agree more. I’m sure he’s a super smart guy and the rest of it but so are many people who have been eaten by the markets particularly those who take huge risks.
  13. @Yorkie thank you for putting together the OP.
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