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  1. A pre-match thread with 2 pages an hour before kick off probably says it all 4-1 defeat.
  2. Why did they join the English league when they were founded? Rather than the Welsh one? Just wondered if there was a specific reason for it.
  3. This is possibly my favourite ever RTG post:
  4. Do transfer rumours ever come with quotes?
  5. So Stoke sack Hughes for taking them down, they go down anyway. Hughes goes to Southampton, keeps them up. Lerl.
  6. They’ll get something from the Arsenal game imo. If it stays like this I reckon it’s all but over for Swansea.
  7. They’re in the equivalent of League One And, no idea.
  8. If this ends in a draw, I’d genuinely give West Brom a slight sniff at staying up like Man City should beat Southampton, the only catch would be Swansea playing already relegated Stoke. Would be fucking glorious if they managed it.
  9. It won't send Swansea down tonight It won’t, but they would need to win their final game, hope Southampton lose, and need a goal swing of at least 8. Not if Huddersfield lose tomorrow.
  10. Just thick as fuck and never reached his potential. Don’t dislike him and wouldn’t be disappointed to see him do well. Another who played for us for more years than he should due to our ownership.
  11. The best time to play one of the top clubs is early in the season before they find their feet imo, so it doesn’t really bother me to be honest
  12. Aye. I’d imagine he’s just written his loan off and repaid the bank. They fail to understand they are still losing money on a daily basis.
  13. Fucking Blackburn. I had Portsmouth in the sweep!
  14. I can only presume they are talking about how transfers are handled.
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