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  1. Haha, fiiiiight you fackin caants
  2. Elric

    The weather

    Too fucking hot. Not to get all Adam Johnson but I much prefer the mid-teens than this shit
  3. Elric


    Concentrate on the leyg, marra.
  4. Elric

    Lush lasses (PNSFW)

    Holy fuckin' shit. She'd grind my skinny white pelvis into dust but it'd be the best/last 10 seconds of my life. Snu snu
  5. Elric


    Nearly spat my tea out at "... don't need constant reassuring..." It's the entire core of your collective being, you relentless mongs.
  6. Elric


    It's not like they're gonna have to worry about the 'burden' of promotion any time soon though
  7. Benny Harvey. RIP big man.
  8. Elric

    What are you reading?

    Yup, exactly what I was gonna say. I agree with others who say they didn't get a lot of his work too, mind. I think my favourite 'thing' of Kerouac's is the recording of October in the Railroad Earth. It's on Spotify, even, find it really relaxing.
  9. Elric


    Kewp, marra.
  10. Elric


    Ajax for me, like.
  11. Out of 10, right? Right??
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