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  1. Gosens and Zapata play for Atalanta. They may wish to just loose Gosens this window...and as he seems to be going to Inter then Bakker is possibly our plan B.
  2. He's better suited to CB and has improved his game in the last two years. Credit to him and Potter.
  3. It's just what Romano said. Payment schedule, agent fees etc still to be agreed. No FULL agreement.
  4. He played CB in a back four last time out against Leicester with Webster.
  5. He helps keep us up this season and is a good squad player moving forwards.
  6. This was the first game I took my two boys to. The youngest wasn't even 3 and struggled to stay awake.
  7. Maybe. Or the lack of clubs buying and the need for some to balance the books might strengthen our hand.
  8. I believe the story broke through Ornstein but then Staveley confirmed it in an enthusiastic manner.
  9. Just watching the clips he looks more 'all action' than just sitting in front of the defence. I don't know his game that well.
  10. morpeth mag

    Jesse Lingard

    They won't win their league, qualify for CL or win the CL. I'm not sure they are keeping Botman just to get a Europa spot. More likely they believe they can get us to pay more now or conduct an auction in the summer. Didn't mean to be rude, just succinct.
  11. morpeth mag

    Jesse Lingard

    Lille are not in the hunt for anything
  12. I don't think they expected to receive £25m for Wood but....It would have been cheaper to buy Burnley and strip it
  13. Nothing stopping you speak to agents. No point in agreeing a transfer fee if the player doesn't want to come. Easier to agree a fee if the player indicates he wants to go.
  14. No coincidence imo that we walk just as they commit to spending on Martial. Do they have money post Covid? Over to the player/agent to push this through with Seville before we buy elsewhere.
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