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  1. Or Lascelles just hasnt thought about it yet
  2. Arsenal are so fragile mentally, Arteta causes it and imo will cost them the title
  3. I know of some people in pot 3 who have them, ive not had mine yet
  4. Club sending out emails atm confirming which pot/period you’re in
  5. I know quite a few people in this kind of boat. Went to the games but didn’t get the credit for them
  6. What about the people who bought a jigsaw??!1!!! Surely they shouldnt have to wait it out with the non TF plebs in Pot 2?!
  7. Truly awful take but it’s been gone over too many time to start again. Way too many good fans made sacrifices during the bad times so that the good time could come back. You only need to look at Wor Flags as an example of a group of fans that made tough decisions for a greater good. IMO it was easier to stick around during the shit times than try and do something about it…
  8. Also a massive family enclosure where a large part wont be going due to the late Sunday KO
  9. Sorry Wee Phillie, i'll be at St James watching a semi whilst youre looking through academy windows holding yours
  10. Think it’s meant to settle a bit for KO EDIT looks like that forecast changed and it’s going to be minging
  11. Probably still out on loan somewhere and Shola forgot to tell him to come back. Like those soldiers deep in the jungle who still think the war is happening
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