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    Joe Willock

    He's nothing like Kevin Nolan, he's miles quicker and that alone makes him more suitable for the modern game. I thought he was one of our better players today tbh.
  2. TRon

    Matt Ritchie

    Yep. The spirit is willing, the body just can't fulfill any more.
  3. Almiron provides work rate, pace, and ball carrying ability. What he doesn't give you is end product, so never really been a fan of using him as a sub when we are behind. I think he should start and Fraser should come on if we are behind.
  4. Ritchie can provide decent delivery when he gets into forward positions, but he's useless defensively....because he's not a defender. Krafth can defend somewhat, but he provides nothing going forward. Manquillo should be starting ahead of him. The problem is we have no one in the squad who can defend and overlap effectively. They are either good at one aspect or the other.
  5. Expect the wankfest charge to be led by Martin Samuels who publicly claimed we had missed a trick by snubbing Gerrard for Howe.
  6. TRon

    Joe Willock

    Didn't think he was that bad today tbh, he was involved a lot more than the last couple of games. But him and Shelvey are never going to work as a pairing. We need a bit more steel in there, Willock was nicking the ball quite skilfully a few times, but he doesn't relish the phsyical battles, saw him pull out of one 50-50 at least.
  7. In many ways it might have been a safer bet to bring in a more cautious manager, Unai Emery would have fit the bill in that regard, if he wasn't a bottling wanker. It was always going to be a tough ask to bring in someone like Howe who believes in attacking football and expect a transformation from the way we've been playing for the past 5 years. I know I keep banging on about it, but when Keegan took over from Allardyce, we went 8 games before winning a game, and we looked even more hopeless than now. Then he gradually got them going again by insisting they play positively, and he would take
  8. Makes you wonder why they even bother with VAR. We could arguably have had 3 penalties if it wasn't left to the opinion of the ref.
  9. You just have to listen to this studio ref justifying the non-penalty decision to realise how they stick up for the Big 6 teams when it suits them. A fair shoulder charge when the defender wasn't even looking at the ball when he clattered Wilson.
  10. If you think back to when Keegan took over from Allardyce, we went 8 games without a win, and the performances were awful. But once we got a win things went from strength to strength. It's incredibly hard to transform a team that has been playing defensively for 5 years into an attacking one. Even more so when you are adrift at the bottom by 7 points. Anyone expecting miracles is in for disappointment. I think we'll turn things round, but it will take time, and by then it might be too late. Not sure what we could do differently tbh, regardless of who is the manager.
  11. Yeah he's great going forward, could say the same for Ritchie and Fraser. Just all of them aren't defenders and that's where they are found wanting. We are desperate for some quality full backs.
  12. Agree. It's like some folk think that Howe has a magic wand and can transform players into something else within a fortnight.
  13. That's been a chronic issue for years now, it's not going to be turned around overnight.
  14. Brilliant ball by Murphy, forwards sitting on their heels again.
  15. There is tbf, it takes a while to completely change a style of play.
  16. Howe finding out a lot about his players today.
  17. No real surprise that Schar is the only defender not booked so far. The other three are too thick/slow to avoid committing horrendous fouls.
  18. Well that was coming. We've been playing Bruceball since the first 10 minutes.
  19. Dropping back into the old habits of no movement off the ball when we do get possession.
  20. Needed it more in the first half tbh. He's not going to offer goal threat in the second half, whereas Fraser does when he comes on as a sub, especially when the game opens up.
  21. Soft pens are still pens as far as I understand the rules. Where is there room with VAR for deciding 'that's a bit soft, let's just leave it'?
  22. I thought the directive now was that if it hits the hand and diverts the ball - which it did - it has to be given.
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